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Voting on Appointments

Meeting: 09/06/2020 - Council (Item 9)

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The Council’s Audit and Governance Committee established a working group to review the Constitution in accordance with its terms of reference to have oversight of the Constitution. One of the issues considered by the working group was the requirement in the Constitution to hold secret ballots for appointments of councillors to offices or positions where there is more than one nomination. The members of the working group consulted with councillors about this issue and the response was mixed and no one view could be ascertained.

The recommendation from Audit and Governance Committee in respect of this matter was that Council receive a separate report on the matter from officers and have an opportunity to vote on the issue at a Council meeting. This recommendation was approved by Council at its meeting in February 2020, and this Report provides councillors with the background and issues so that a vote can be taken as to whether to continue with the current position or amend the Constitution.


The Chairman had previously reported that in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution this item would be the subject of a recorded vote.


The Chairman presented a report, a copy of which had been circulated to each Member and a copy of which appears as Appendix 'A' to these Minutes in the Minute Book on voting on appointments.  He advised Members that the report had been requested by Council at its last meeting and contained a neutral recommendation as detailed below:


“Council considers whether it wishes to amend the Constitution to remove the requirement to hold a secret ballot for appointments, and if it does wish to do so authorises the Interim Monitoring Officer to amend the Constitution to remove the requirement.”

The Chairman reported that unless he received a motion removing the requirement for a secret ballot the status quo would prevail.  Councillor Mike White proposed “that the Council remove the requirement to hold a secret ballot for all appointments” which was seconded by Councillor May Haines.  Councillor Mike White in making his proposal explained that the current arrangement was against the Nolan Principles and not consistent with the approach taken by neighbouring Councils and the views of the Local Government Association.  Councillors discussed the implications of the current arrangements included in the Constitution by the Shadow Council compared with the proposal to remove the requirements.


The Chairman of the Audit and Governance Committee explained in light of the debate that the Committee had felt that this was a matter for Council to consider and determine hence the recommendation for a report to be prepared which had been agreed by Council on 18 February 2020.


A recorded vote was taken on the motion detailed above



Cllr Hazel Allen

Cllr Malcolm Davies

Cllr Drew Mellor

Cllr Mark Anderson

Cllr Norman Decent 

Cllr Tony O’Neill

Cllr Sarah Anderson

Cllr Bryan Dion

Cllr Karen Rampton

Cllr Stephen Bartlett

Cllr Jackie Edwards

Cllr Roberto Rocca

Cllr Derek Borthwick

Cllr May Haines

Cllr Ann Stribley

Cllr Philip Broadhead

Cllr Andy Jones

Cllr Mike White

Cllr Eddie Coope

Cllr Bob Lawton




Cllr Lewis Allison

Cllr George Farquhar

Cllr Marion LePoidevin

Cllr Marcus Andrews

Cllr Duane Farr

Cllr Lisa Lewis

Cllr Julie Bagwell

Cllr Laurence Fear

Cllr Rachel Maidment

Cllr Steve Baron

Cllr Anne Filer

Cllr Chris Matthews

Cllr John Beesley

Cllr David Flagg

Cllr Simon McCormack

Cllr Mike Brooke

Cllr Nick Geary

Cllr Pete Miles

Cllr Nigel Brooks

Cllr Mike Greene

Cllr Sandra Moore

Cllr David Brown

Cllr Nicola Greene

Cllr Lisa Northover

Cllr Simon Bull

Cllr Andy Hadley

Cllr Pete Parrish

Cllr Richard Burton

Cllr Peter Hall

Cllr Susan Phillips

Cllr Diana Butler 

Cllr Nigel Hedges

Cllr Margaret Phipps

Cllr Daniel Butt

Cllr Paul Hilliard

Cllr Felicity Rice

Cllr Judes Butt

Cllr Mark Howell

Cllr Chris Rigby

Cllr Mike Cox

Cllr Mohan Iyengar

Cllr Mark Robson

Cllr Lesley Dedman

Cllr Cheryl Johnson

Cllr Vikki Slade

Cllr Bobbie Dove

Cllr Toby Johnson 

Cllr Tony Trent

Cllr Beverley Dunlop

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