Agenda and draft minutes

Standing Advisory Committee on Religious Education - Wednesday, 13th November, 2019 4.30 pm

Venue: Twynham Senior School, Sopers Lane, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 1JF

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Welcome and Opening Reflection


The meeting began with a brief period of reflection led by Lynda Ford-Horne.


Julia Coleman (BCP Council 0-19 Team Strategic Manager) welcomed those present to the first meeting of the new Academic Year and introduced her colleague, Georgie Pinder (BCP Council 11-19 Advisor).





Apologies were received from Peter Thomson (Committee A); Jane Kelly  and Ian Terry (Committee B); Ian Harris and Trevor Willis (Committee C); Marion Le Poidevin (Committee D) and Dave Pegg and Alison Harris (Co-opted).


There were no declarations of interest.


Appointment of Chair and Vice-Chair(s)





(a)            That Lynda Ford-Horne be elected as Chair of BCP SACRE for a maximum period of three years;

(b)           That Ruth Lawrence and Cheryl Smith be elected as Joint Vice-Chairs of BCP SACRE for a maximum term of three years.

In accepting her appointment, the new Chairman underlined that her mission in the post of Chair was to ensure that BCP SACRE’s main role was to support those who teach Religious Education and to recognise and emphasise the importance of the children within their care.


Minutes of the meeting held on 20 June 2019 pdf icon PDF 425 KB


As the previous meeting had not been formally quorate, only informal notes of the meeting had been taken but were agreed by those present as an accurate record. It was also noted that Nicola Coupe had attended the meeting.



Constitution pdf icon PDF 257 KB

The Committee is asked to consider and agree the Constitution.

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to a proposed Constitution for BCP SACRE and after discussion it was




(a)            That in paragraph 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 the number of members in each Committee be removed;

(b)           That in paragraph 5.1 in the first sentence delete the words ‘shall consist of’ and insert as a replacement the words ‘including for example’;

(c)            That the Church of the Latter Day Saints (‘LDS’) be added as one of the examples listed in Paragraph 5.1;

(d)           That in paragraph 5.5 in the third bullet point the words ‘a genuine representative of the organisation they pertain to represent’ be deleted and, as a replacement, the words ‘representative of the organisation be inserted;

(e)            That in paragraph 5.7 the requirement for each Committee of BCP SACRE to elect a Chair on an annual basis as set out in the second bullet point be deleted;

(f)             That subject to the alterations as identified and listed above and as included in the amended version attached as an appendix to these Minutes, the Constitution of the BCP SACRE be adopted.



Annual Report pdf icon PDF 324 KB

The Committee is asked to consider and agree the Annual Report.


The Annual Report for 2018-19 was submitted and introduced by RE Advisor David Rees reviewing events and achievements leading up to the bringing together of the individual legacy Council SACRE into a single BCP SACRE and also now including Christchurch. An Action Plan for the year ahead accompanied the Report and a further updated copy would be provided. It was explained that the Report would be submitted to National SACRE (‘NASACRE’) and it was evident that this SACRE was performing at a high level.


The report provided a summary of significant achievement over the year including a successful SACRE Members Training Day and the RE Teachers Conference both in June. A Working Group had been formed to lead on production of a Collective Worship Guidance booklet and this useful guidance had been distributed to all BCP Schools. Other events and key achievements were listed in addition to the termly meetings and it was noted that exam results data for the academic year forming the subject of the Report would be presented to the Spring Term meeting of SACRE.



The Committee will receive an update on the transition of the Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole SACREs to the BCP SACRE.


The Advisory Committee received a presentation which provided an overview of the new arrangements in place to support the new BCP SACRE which would now represent 96 schools across the BCP Council area. It was reported that, at Officer level, an Advisory Team was now in place and would work with SACRE to support provision of RE teaching. Although the period of transition was still ongoing there were clear signs of progress building upon the success of the historical arrangements in the predecessor Councils. The production of the Collective Worship Guidance was highlighted as an example. This progress would continue to be underpinned through the SACRE meetings and through provision of training for SACRE members.


BCP Action Plan pdf icon PDF 358 KB

The Committee is asked to consider and agree the Action Plan.


The BCP SACRE Action Plan updated as October 2019 was noted.


National RE updates and Ofsted


Julia Coleman, BCP Council Service Manager, described the new focus from OFSTED around the RE framework and around changes to the way in which inspections will be undertaken and there was an expectation that this would result in raising the profile of RE as a subject. Members of SACRE endorsed the importance of supporting RE teachers through contributing to their subject delivery and to the quality of education generally. There was discussion about the new OFSED approach and particularly questioning the suitability of the ‘deep dive’ approach to RE teaching although the appointment of specialist subject inspectors would mitigate against this concern. There was also recognition of a role for NASACRE in summarising the outcomes of inspections and circulating key messages, evidence of best practice identified and lessons learnt from Inspection Reports. The Committee supported encouragement of good working practices between Schools and OFSTED and broadly recognised that these changes representing a positive step forward.


NATRE Affiliated Local RE Groups

The Committee will be advised of the work being undertaken by the Hub Practitioner for the Salisbury Diocese.


Salisbury Diocesan representative, Nicola Coupe, described proposals for establishing affiliated local Religious Education Groups providing training and support for RE leaders in Schools and there was evidence of good quality networking already happening through this initiative. Information and contact details for local Groups had been assembled within a single schedule which, following some identified amendments, would be circulated to SACRE Members with the Minutes of the meeting.


NATRE Regional Ambassador

The Committee will receive an update on the work of the NATE Regional Ambassador.


It was noted that a report would be presented to the next meeting of SACRE.


Dates for future meetings


It was agreed that the Spring Term meeting of BCP SACRE be held at 4.30pm on Thursday 5th March 2020 at Bishops Aldhelm’s Primary School in Poole.


It was agreed that the Summer Term meeting of BCP SACRE be held at 4.30pm on Wednesday 24th June 2020 at St Luke’s Primary School in Bournemouth.



[Post meeting note : SACRE Members wishing to access the NASACRE website should use the following - User Name : ‘Member 1920’ and Password ‘EdUc@TiOnRE’]