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Confirmation of Minutes pdf icon PDF 546 KB

To confirm and sign as a correct record the minutes of the Meeting held on 1 September 2021.


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To consider recommendations from the Overview and Scrutiny Board on items not otherwise included on the Cabinet Agenda.


Accelerating regeneration and investment in the BCP area pdf icon PDF 845 KB

This report sets out how the Council can bring forward an innovative approach to the way we manage regeneration and development.  Change is needed to bridge the gap between the massive opportunity presented by the sites the Council owns or influences and the Council’s delivery capacity.  This report describes how by forming a Council-Owned Urban Regeneration Company (URC) the Council will enable investment to be delivered at a greater pace and scale without compromising the quality and sustainability of development.  The report also considers the future role of the Bournemouth Development Company (BDC) and the plans for delivering the Bournemouth Town Deal for Boscombe.  It covers the following issues:

·       The formation and funding of a URC to provide the Council with the development management expertise and capacity it will need to develop key sites, at pace.

·       The creation of a Commissioning Plan and Delivery Team to provide oversight of all regeneration and development activity whether undertaken by the URC, by BDC or the Boscombe Towns Fund Board.

·       Changes to the governance arrangements within BDC which flow from a review undertaken by consultants and following the introduction of Muse Developments as BDC’s new Development Manager.

·       Decisions about BDC’s Winter Gardens scheme that will enable planning permission to be secured allowing minor-material amendments to be expedited and work to proceed in preparing the site for development including the demolition of properties on Exeter Road, utility diversions and power supply upgrading works.

·       Decisions about the Heads of Terms, project priorities and budgets needed to take the Bournemouth Town Deal proposals for Boscombe Town Centre forward to detailed business case development and project implementation.


Additional documents:


High Streets and District Centres Strategy pdf icon PDF 556 KB

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (BCP Council) has created a High Streets and District Centres Strategy (Appendix 1) to ensure high streets and district centres are fit for the future, becoming vibrant, thriving and enjoyable locations for everyone. At its heart is the intent to positively and proactively intervene where and if appropriate.

The Strategy looks at our high streets and district centres through the lens of economic growth, focusing on creating an environment for economic vibrancy and enabling a high quality, world-class visitor experience. It is designed to set the objectives and form the framework for a series of more detailed project-specific Action Plans. 

Additional documents:


Spending priorities for Strategic Community Infrastructure Levy pdf icon PDF 370 KB

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is collected from development and used to fund infrastructure necessary to support planned growth set out by the local plan. CIL receipts are around £5 million per year and split up as follows in accordance with legislation:

·       Strategic CIL – 80%

·       Neighbourhood Portion – 15% (rising to 25% if a neighbourhood plan is in place)

·       Admin – 5%

We need to put in place a formal process to agree the spending priorities for Strategic CIL. Currently decisions are made in accordance with the Financial Regulations depending upon spending amount, requiring either Cabinet and Council agreement or delegated to the Chief Operations Officer or Head of Planning.

To enable all service providers across the Council to have better access to Strategic CIL and to provide transparent governance, we propose that CIL project spend is governed by a new Future Infrastructure Programme Board, replacing the current Futures Fund Programme Board. This Board would benefit from the addition of the Chief Operations Officer and the Head of Planning that cover Planning. The Board would engage with service providers and review all requests for project funding and decide whether Futures Fund and/or Strategic CIL is suitable. This would better align the Council’s capital infrastructure planning.

The System Leadership Team set up a task and finish group to explore the potential for new housing development to contribute towards NHS health care infrastructure. The recommendations of the task and finish group were fed back and approved by the System Leadership Team in August 2020. If agreed, the Future Infrastructure Programme Board can review the NHS request and report back to Cabinet with a recommendation.

The Council has a duty to publish the Infrastructure Funding Statement on an annual basis. The 2020/21 version sets out all CIL and planning obligations requested, received, spent, allocated to projects and monies held by the Council on 1 April 2021.

Additional documents:


Cleaner, Greener, Safer pdf icon PDF 558 KB

A key building block to a thriving place with satisfied residents and visitors is a streetscene that is clean, green and safe. We want our conurbation to have a clean & sustainable physical environment; to be somewhere where people feel safe and secure; to be an environment that people treat with respect; and to be a place that people have pride in.

Launched in December 2020 the Council’s Cleaner, Greener, Safer programme is a commitment to ensuring the place based issues that matter amongst our communities are sustainably addressed and engender a sense of pride amongst communities to come together to achieve a better environment for all.

This report seeks to secure investment across key themes that supports Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council’s Big Plan’s vision for a world-class city region and restores a street level sense of pride in our place.

Additional documents:


Complaints and 2020/21 LGSCO annual report pdf icon PDF 321 KB

The Ombudsman’s national report has highlighted that there is an increased strain upon Council complaints processes nationally with the Ombudsman upholding 67% of the complaints it investigates nationally.

BCP Council’s figures reflect the national picture, with the uphold rate slightly above the national average at 69%. The cost of upheld complaints is increasing with Ombudsman financial remedies costing BCP Council £5,877 in the last financial year, 2020/21.

The trends highlighted by the Ombudsman have continued so far in 2021/22 for BCP Council. The current uphold rate for investigated complaints up to end of July 2021 is at 73%, with financial remedies so far costing more than £12,750.

Work is underway to centralise complaint handling which is expected to ease pressure on frontline services and enhance the quality and speed of complaint resolution.

Additional documents:


2021/22 Quarter One Budget Monitoring Report pdf icon PDF 665 KB

This report includes 2021/22 budget monitoring information as at the end of June 2021.

The projection for the 2021/22 revenue account is an overspend of £12.6 million within services. The application of one-off central resources reduces this to £7.6 million. A mitigation strategy has been developed against this sum should attempts to deliver services within the constraints of their original budgets prove unsuccessful.

This position assumes full delivery of the £7.5m transformation programme savings target for 2021/22. At this stage £2.4m has been delivered and a full progress report will be included in the second quarter budget monitoring report once the savings from the council’s smarter structures and third party spend programmes have been confirmed.

The updated 2021/22 projections for reserve movements, the capital programme and housing revenue account (HRA) are also included.

Additional documents:


Empowering Communities: BCP Council's Voluntary and Community Sector and Volunteering Strategy 2021-2024 pdf icon PDF 425 KB

This report outlines the proposal to approve and adopt the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council’s Voluntary and Community Sector and Volunteering Strategy.

The vision of the strategy is to ensure that Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole is a vibrant, connected community which provides meaningful opportunities for volunteering and empowers a thriving voluntary and community sector to help support community needs.

The strategy details how we aim to achieve the vision through:

-        A set of key principles and framework for how the council will collaborate and work together with the voluntary and community sector to support local communities.

-        Recognising the impact of COVID-19 and identifying ways to help communities to recover, as well as learning from the crisis response that brought some residents closer together.

-        Developing a volunteering strategy that creates opportunities that are accessible and enable residents to play an active role in helping others and themselves, through formal volunteering, neighbourliness, work experience and related opportunities.

The strategy is accompanied by a three-year delivery plan. The strategy and delivery plan have been informed and developed through public consultation and stakeholder engagement with a range of organisations, community groups and individuals.

The report outlines the proposal to allocate funding to a dedicated Volunteer Coordinator to facilitate and support the delivery of the plans. 

Additional documents:


Community Engagement and Consultation Strategy pdf icon PDF 337 KB

This report details the development of the Connected Communities – BCP Council’s Community Engagement & Consultation Strategy 2021-2024. The purpose of this strategy is to provide clear principles about how the Council engages and consults with the local community. The report outlines the background, strategic context, engagement, and consultation principles, aims and actions to deliver this across the Council and seeks approval from Cabinet to adopt the strategy.

The strategy outlines a Council-wide approach to ensuring that our engagement and consultation processes are inclusive and accessible and enable us to engage with everyone including those whose voices are often seldom heard in the decision-making process.


Additional documents:


BCP Housing Strategy 2021-2026 "Our commitment to our communities" pdf icon PDF 230 KB

The BCP Housing Strategy has been developed over a number of months following a 10-week public consultation. This along with a number of stakeholder engagement sessions has contributed to the development of final strategy document which includes a vision statement and clear priorities and is to be considered by cabinet for approval.


It is a high-level document which sets out a clear vision with strong leadership for BCP to ensure that housing, planning, economic development, and regeneration work together and are integrated to best influence the housing market.


This is a key document that frames our partnership work together, drives place shaping and contributes to health and wellbeing of our population. It provides evidence of housing needs and demands and will set out the Council’s strategic approach to inform how it will need forward to achieve its ambitions and attract funding opportunities to support that work.


The Council’s housing responsibilities covers a broad range of issues, from identifying land for new homes to improving old ones and meeting the wide variety of housing needs of our communities. More detailed strategies and policies sit beneath this Housing Strategy, setting out our aims and delivery plans in specific areas ensuring they are clearly linked.


This document will be complimented by an Action Plan which will set out a summary of actions and more detail as to how those actions will be carried out to deliver the strategy.



Additional documents:


Council Newbuild Housing & Acquisition Strategy (CNHAS), 2021-2026. pdf icon PDF 605 KB

This report seeks Cabinet approval of the first BCP Council Newbuild Housing & Acquisition Strategy (CNHAS) 2021-2026. This is an ambitious strategic programme that will potentially invest £233 million into meeting local housing needs. The capital budget and funding for this delivery strategy will require specific Council approval, to be sought annually each year as part of the annual budget setting process.

The separate BCP Council Housing Strategy, which is part of the Key Policy Framework set out in Article 4 of the BCP Council Constitution will also be put before Cabinet on 29 September 2021 and full Council for consideration at its meeting in October 2021.  The CNHAS will help deliver this.

The report sets out in detail a 5-year vision, strategy, standards, specific sites and required resources for the direct delivery of appropriate new homes on BCP Council owned land, building on and scaling up in-house development activity significantly compared to the last few years.

CNHAS will deliver much needed homes for the BCP area and is a responsive strategy to: -

·       The Council’s Corporate Plan Dynamic places aim of building at least 1,000 homes on council owned land across a 5-year period of a mix of tenure types. 

·       BCP’s Housing Strategy 2021-2026 growth priorities.

The new build programme includes: -

1.    a diverse range/typology of 1300+ houses, flats, bungalows & shared unit property types on 24 BCP sites developed through a variety of procurement routes for both permanent and move-on accommodation supported by a programme of street acquisitions.

2.    a diverse range of housing tenures, predominantly affordable (up to 65%)- rent, shared ownership, discounted sale and market (at least 35%) -discounted and full rent with nominal sale units being provided-.

3.    a programme approach is adopted – projects developed in parallel rather than singularly- one after another - this helps achieve pace and scale and secure better value for money.

4.    BCP’s Housing Delivery team’s direct delivery, ensuring control and confidence, on potentially 33 BCP sites

5.    yearly Council approval of programmes of projects to ensure both an effective contribution to the diverse housing needs identified within BCP and in an efficient and timely manner for marketplace confidence.

The CNHAS builds on existing activities by purchasing up to 250 new (to BCP) units of accommodation through expanding the activities of the Homeless Housing Acquisition programme which included approved spend of £44.7M for the purchase of existing properties for homelessness (Cabinet 11/9/2018). 

This strategy seeks approval to extend this programme in line with the Seascape 5-year Strategic Plan buying additional street properties and renting them within the council and via the wholly owned company Seascape Homes and Property Limited for both permanent & move-on type accommodation Market rent & affordable tenures.  The homes will be let to homeless households, care experienced young people (CEYP) and those existing & potentially new residents, simply wanting good quality full market rental properties- enabling a long-term investment opportunity for BCP.

CNHAS allows for the purchase of additional land for development into Council ownership where appropriate,  ...  view the full agenda text for item 15.

Additional documents:


Cabinet Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 393 KB

To consider the latest version of the Cabinet Forward Plan for approval. The attached version is the latest working draft. The next version of the Forward Plan will be published on Tuesday 28 September.