Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Written statement of action for special educaitonal needs and disabilities15/10/2021For Determination24/11/2021
Levelling Up15/10/2021For Determination15/12/2021
Ashley Road Petition Report15/10/2021For Determination24/11/2021
Biodiversity Net Gain15/10/2021For Determination15/12/2021
A New Planning Service for the BCP Council City Region15/10/2021For Determination24/11/2021
The BCP Appreciative Inquiry into inclusion practices in BCP schools28/09/2021For Determination27/10/2021
Future of the Stour Valley and Poole Revenues and Benefits Partnership28/09/2021For Determination12/01/2022
Adult Social Care Commissioning Strategies28/09/2021For Determination27/10/2021
Bus Operator Enhanced Partnership Plan28/09/2021For Determination22/02/2022
BCP Commissioning Plan for Regeneration and Development and Urban Regeneration Company Business Plan28/09/2021For Determination09/11/2021
Pay & Reward - New Terms and Conditions of Employment28/09/2021For Determination
Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) 2022/2328/09/2021For Determination22/02/2022
An overview of the government’s forthcoming Waste Strategy; impacts and opportunities for BCP Council28/09/2021For Determination24/11/2021
Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) Update28/09/2021For Determination04/01/2022
Skills Commission28/09/2021For Determination27/10/2021
Estates and Accommodation - BCP civic space03/08/2021For Determination24/11/2021
Estates and Accommodation - Poole civic space03/08/2021For Determination27/10/2021
South Part of Beach Road Car Park Poole03/08/2021For Determination
Acquisition of Queen Parks Leisure Centre03/08/2021For Determination12/01/2022
Christchurch Bay and Harbour FCERM Strategy03/08/2021For Determination12/04/2023
Bereavement Services Business Plan Update03/08/2021For Determination25/05/2022
BCP Council Cemeteries Rules & Regulations adoption03/08/2021For Determination09/02/2022
MTFP Update Report03/08/2021For Determination09/11/2021
Organisational Design - Implementation Progress03/08/2021For Determination27/10/2021
Climate Action Annual Report 2020/2129/06/2021For Determination04/01/2022
Home to School Transport25/05/2021For Determination09/02/2022
Children's Services Capital Programme25/05/2021For Determination27/10/2021
BCP Economic Development Strategy (EDS)25/05/2021For Determination24/11/2021
Quarter Two Budget Monitoring and MTFP Report25/05/2021For Determination04/01/2022
Corporate Strategy25/05/2021For Determination
Cultural Development in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole25/05/2021For Determination09/02/2022
Home to School Transport27/04/2021For Determination15/12/2021
Housing and Property Compliance Update (Housing Revenue Account)27/04/2021For Determination15/12/2021
Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Budget Setting 2022/2327/04/2021For Determination22/02/2022
BCP Seafront Strategy27/04/2021For Determination09/02/2022
Bournemouth Learning Centre conversion to a Special School Campus - Capital budget approval09/02/2021For Determination
Thistle Hotel, Poole Quay - Lease restructure12/01/2021For Determination
Poole Regeneration Update12/01/2021For Determination
Adoption of Ducking Stool Walk, Christchurch12/01/2021For Determination
Children's Safeguarding Arrangements15/12/2020For Determination10/03/2021
Dorset Flood & Coastal Partnership06/11/2020For Determination
Crime & Disorder Reduction Strategy06/11/2020For Determination
Western Gateway Sub-national Transport Body (STB)- Strategic Transport Plan11/08/2020For Determination
Corporate Asset Management Plan11/08/2020For Determination09/03/2022
Russell Coates Arts Gallery Museum Governance Report16/04/2020For Determination
Library Strategy24/03/2020For Determination
Beach Hut Policy18/02/2020For Determination