Forthcoming Decisions

Forthcoming Decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) Update28/06/2022For Determination08/11/2022
End of Year Coprorate Performance Report 2021/2222/06/2022For Determination27/07/2022
Housing Subsidiary Companies Business Update22/06/2022For Determination27/07/2022
BCP Carers Strategy22/06/2022For Determination28/09/2022
Biodiversity Net Gain Task Force Recommendations22/06/2022For Determination27/07/2022
Harmonising Community Infrastructure Levy22/06/2022For Determination27/07/2022
BCP Local Plan Update and Local Development Scheme revision22/06/2022For Determination27/07/2022
Childrens Services Transformation Programme -Transformation Business Cases22/06/2022For Determination28/09/2022
Bournemouth Towns Fund update22/06/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Youth Justice Service - Annual Youth Justice Plan22/06/2022For Determination27/07/2022
Investment Decision on Poole Crematorium22/06/2022For Determination28/09/2022
Business Case for the Future of Care Technology within Adult Social Care24/05/2022For Determination28/09/2022
Smart Place Strategy24/05/2022For Determination27/07/2022
Disposal of 21 Mill Lane13/05/2022For Determination12/07/2022
Accelerating Gigabit Fibre13/05/2022For Determination27/07/2022
Children's Services Early Help Offer26/04/2022For Determination
Commercialisation of Beach Hut Assets through Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Wholly or Majority Owned by the Council01/04/2022For Determination13/09/2022
Transforming Cities Fund End of Year Report04/02/2022For Determination26/10/2022
Bournemouth Development Company LLP Business Plan04/02/2022For Determination28/09/2022
Potential Transfer of Play sites and other BCP assets to Christchurch Town Council14/12/2021For Determination26/10/2022
Pay & Reward - New Terms and Conditions of Employment28/09/2021For Determination
Christchurch Bay and Harbour FCERM Strategy03/08/2021For Determination12/04/2023
BCP Council Cemeteries Rules & Regulations adoption03/08/2021Recommmend Forward to Council22/06/2022
Home to School Transport25/05/2021For Determination22/06/2022
Poole Regeneration Update12/01/2021For Determination
Crime & Disorder Reduction Strategy06/11/2020For Determination
Western Gateway Sub-national Transport Body (STB)- Strategic Transport Plan11/08/2020For Determination
Library Strategy24/03/2020For Determination15/03/2023