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Retrospective Planning Permission in Conservation Area for Developments that harm neighbours' Light, Amenity and Privacy

We the undersigned petition the council to Consider the material and detrimental impact on residents and neighbours consequent to building and extension work being carried out beyond existing permissions in a Conservation Area, and in knowing breach of the Council's own Planning Conditions as well as neighbours' reasonable wishes to preserve the character, privacy and light of their own homes. We also petition the Council to consider the implications and longer-term effects of inadequate enforcement of planning conditions put in place to protect residents' privacy and amenity, which enables particular individuals to pursue their planning aims by building abusively without permission and then seeking to regularise their development retrospectively, to the detriment of neighbours and the wider community.

This ePetition is being set up because a number of local residents of Stanpit, Christchurch, are shocked by the scale of the development to 80 Stanpit, a modest terraced cottage in a Conservation area. We are particularly dismayed that a number of significant breaches of planning pemission (including the addition of windows expressly excluded by the original permissions, and significantly increasing the dimensions of the two-storey extension in a way that has a material impact on the physically adjoining cottage) were not stopped via enforcement action by the Council before the windows were inserted, and while the enlarged extension was at foundation stage, and are only now, months later, the object of an application for retrospective permission to resularise the breaches (8/17/0997/HOU). We feel that the Council should hold people accountable for deliberately breaching its own permissions and planning conditions, and should not enable such people in pursuing their planning aims via indirect means which are anti-democratic, particularly when such breaches impact materially and detrimentally on neighbours' privacy, light, and amenity.

This ePetition ran from 17/04/2021 to 07/05/2021 and has now finished.

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