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Review and improve safety barriers around Redhill Park and Gyratory

We the undersigned petition the council to Review and improve safety barriers around Redhill Park and Gyratory. Sadly on 11th April 2023, a woman with a child in a pushchair was seriously injured by a car near Redhill Park. Given the park, pool, schools nearby and busy road with blind corners, the pedestrian safety measures are clearly not adequate enough. The council should put safety fencing along the road from the bowling green to the existing fencing and all around the gyratory past the fire station onto Oswald Road where there are some barriers already.


There have been a number of accidents here over the years, anyone walking their children to or from the park and Winton Primary or neighbouring roads will know what it feels like to be on the path near the firestation with young children and the traffic.

Even if the barriers only provide minimal protection from a car hitting them, they could minimise injuries and stop children from accidentally entering the road.

The council are already planning cycle lanes along Redhill Avenue, (unfortunately including felling of frees near the park). It will be a significant failure for the council not to address this safety issue at the same time or before this work.

This ePetition runs from 11/04/2023 to 11/06/2023.

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