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Make Ashley Road safe for cyclists and reduce traffic and road emissions

We the undersigned petition the council to Review the current strategy for management of traffic, parking, cycling routes and the environmental impact (i.e. emissions) in the Ashley Road and surrounding areas, with an aim to improve air quality for residents, pedestrians and cyclists and make the road safe for cyclists to use

Ashley road is a central commuter route which connects road and commercial traffic along a route which has residential and pedestrian traffic. Measures taken years ago have done nothing to improve the air quality at the junction with Richmond and Churchill road and no plans have been made to mitigate the high level of stationary traffic through the route. This not only contributes to emissions but when combined with on-street parking it creates an environment which is dangerous for cyclists. Measures need to be taken to prioritise public transport and cycling through this road artery if we are to break the cycle of roads being dominated by vehicles and not safe for our children and vulnerable.

This ePetition runs from 19/05/2023 to 28/07/2023.

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