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Save TPO trees,prevent access road being built at end of Hillview road due to Templeman House re-development

We the undersigned petition the council to please make sure that all the TPO trees at the end of Hillview road within the boundaries of Templeman house are not interfered with for climate change / wildlife sake, and to prevent ruining the character of the area. Also prevent any form of access from the end of Hillview road into the rear of the Templeman House site.

1 - TPO protected trees lining the alleyway (alleyway at the end of Hillview road protected by ancient rights) - They were deemed good to fair condition by a tree report and only minor cosmetic work to clean them up is to be done.

2 - Anxiety over possible entrance off the end of Hillview road into site of Templeman house. This would ruin the character of the end of Hillview road, also decimate TPO protected trees which aid with climate change and absorb carbon dioxide in the air. Any form of access would not be possible and would make the end of Hillview road too crowded, dangerous and congested, plus lead to the possibility of increased anti social behavior, yobs passing through and people using the road as a rat run.

3 - Any decimation of the trees at the end of Hillview road would mean no natural privacy screen and the character of the end of the road would be lost.

4 - There are two private roads at the end of Hillview road, The Paddocks and Woodside. There is no more room to fit any other type of access in and the alleyway is protected by complex ownership and ancient rights meaning it can't be built on.

There is no way that any form of interference to the end of Hillview Road can be allowed to happen as it would ruin the road and de-value peoples homes in the process.

This ePetition ran from 13/09/2019 to 12/12/2019 and has now finished.

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