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Make Palmer Road Resident or Permit Only Parking

We the undersigned petition the council to make Palmer Road Resident or Permit Only parking

Palmer Road is a busy road being that there is a school just off of it. We get a lot of people parking on our road, but not necessarily parents of children from the school. We get people parking their vehicles down our road and quite often large vehicles which not only block our vision pulling out of driveways on a busy school road but that also block our driveways sometimes making it hard for us to get in. (These vehicles are from businesses in Sterte or the Stanley Green industrial estate). These vehicles sometimes park here for 4/5 days straight and this doesn’t get picked up on as our road is not checked that often by traffic wardens. Multiple days I have had to park down different roads just because of how many vehicles that are parked down our road from this happening. Something needs to be done about this as it’s becoming more of an issue and you should be able to park down your own road without having a problem.

This ePetition runs from 07/11/2019 to 31/01/2020.

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