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Overcliff drive closure proposals

We the undersigned petition the council to Stop the plans to introduce an experimental traffic scheme at Boscombe and Southbourne Overcliff Drives which would result in two sections of the road being closed to traffic

The council proposals are designed to increase walking and cycling in a safe environment. You state that this proposal will encourage residents, employees of businesses and visitors to walk and cycle for short journeys thereby reducing the number of short journeys by motorised vehicles. The location of these works is already used safely for crossing the road to the cliff top as these are existing crossings. People already walk and cycle across the road at this place, safely, and do not need any encouragement to do so. No evidence has been produced to indicate that there is currently a problem with safety in crossing the roads at these points.

Additionally, no evidence has been produced which shows how this proposal will improve and increase cycling and walking in this area.

By closing these sections of the road, traffic will be forced off an existing traffic-calmed road, onto local residential roads that are not designed for this level of traffic - buses, lorries, caravans etc plus holiday traffic. It will increase pollution, traffic levels, and impact on the safety of local people. You state that this will improve air quality and reduce noise levels, however, this plan will increase the noise in residential streets as it forces motorists to divert off the main road and travel further.

There is already a considerable amount of congestion around these areas of Southbourne and Boscombe and this will impact the amount of traffic by taking it off the main route.

In summary both the sustainability and public health argument fo this scheme is that it will reduce the number of short journeys by
motorised vehicles but this scheme will not achieve this. Vehicles will divert onto surrounding residential streets causing more congestion, air pollution, and noise, and will have an adverse impact on the safety and lives of the people living in the local area.

The council should be undertaking experiments like this that directly impact peoples' lives.

This ePetition ran from 15/08/2020 to 14/09/2020 and has now finished.

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