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Local Outbreak Management Plan

Meeting: 14/10/2021 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 28)

Local Outbreak Management Plan

The Board will be updated on the above and any recent developments.


The Board was updated on the plan and recent developments.


The Director of Public Health outlined the level of infections with the rate for over 60s starting to increase. The Board was advised of the work with schools and that the level of hospital admissions had been held back by the success of the vaccination programme.  The Director of Public Health reported that the booster programme was underway with flu vaccinations also available.

The Board was advised of the outlook for the Autumn/Winter including the reproduction rate of the virus and the impact of the Government’s Plan which would include a move to additional restrictions such as face masks and covid passports.  The Director of Public Health reported that an updated contain strategy would be published.


Karen Loftus reported that work was ongoing in all sectors to increase awareness about the vaccination and booster programme to enable people to make informed decisions.  She explained that the this included running training sessions.


RESOLVED that the report be received and noted. 


Voting – Agreed