Your Councillors

The Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council is made up of 76 members representing 33 wards.

Councillors are elected to office, often representing a political party. Upon election, councillors may form political groups which may be the same or different to their political party. The calculated allocation of seats on committees is based on the representation of these political groups.

The political composition of the council based on the political groups is:

Conservative 37 Councillors                                     
Liberal Democrats 14 Councillors               
Christchurch Independents 7 Councillors       
Poole Independents 4 Councillors     
Bournemouth Independent & Green 5 Councillors      
Labour 3 Councillors    
Unaligned 6 Councillors       

No single political group has overall control of the Council, however, the Council is run by a minority Conservative administration.

The Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests for BCP Council Members is available.

The Register of Other Interests for BCP Council Members is available.

The Executive

Following the election of a new Leader of the Council on 1 October 2020, a new Cabinet is currently in the process of being established by the new Leader, Councillor Drew Mellor. The Cabinet shall comprise the Leader of the Council and up to nine portfolio holders. The Leader of the Council has also appointed six lead members with specific responsibilities.

Who is my Councillor?

To find your councillor please use the links below or use our interactive map (click on the map to view the ward councillors). We have a similar interactive map to find your local parish council.