Political Composition of the Council

The Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council is made up of 76 members representing 33 wards.

Councillors are elected to office, often representing a political party. Upon election, councillors may form political groups which may be the same or different to their political party. The calculated allocation of seats on committees is based on the representation of these political groups.

The political composition of the council based on the political groups is:

Liberal Democrat 28 Councillors                                                         
Conservative 12 Councillors                         
Labour 10 Councillors                     
Christchurch Independents 8 Councillors                 
Poole People 5 Councillors           
Green 5 Councillors           
Independents 3 Councillors       
Poole Engage 2 Councillors     
Unaligned 2 Councillors     
Vacancy 1 seat   

Political Group Leaders

The table below provides details of the leaders and, where applicable, deputy leaders of each of the respective political groups

Political Group

Group Leader

Deputy Leader

Liberal Democrat Councillor Vikki Slade Councillor Millie Earl
Conservative Councillor Philip Broadhead Councillor Bobbie Dove
Labour Councillor Sharon Carr-Brown Councillor Sue Aitkenhead
Christchurch Independents Councillor Paul Hilliard Councillor David Flagg
Poole People Councillor Dr Felicity Rice  
Green Councillor Chris Rigby Councillor Simon Bull
Indpendents Councillor Lisa Northover Councillor Brian Castle
Poole Engage Councillor Judy Butt Councillor Julie Bagwell