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Non-compliance with Standards Complaints Process Decision

Meeting: 22/02/2022 - Council (Item 143)

143 Non-compliance with Standards Complaints Process Decision pdf icon PDF 291 KB

This report advises Council of a decision by a member of BCP Council not to comply with the decision made as part of the standards committee complaints process.

The Council and all councillors are responsible for maintaining high standards of conduct by Members of BCP Council and the Town and Parish Councils. Failure to comply with such decisions reflects poorly on the council as a whole and undermines the standards regime.


Councillors were circulated with a copy of the report for information on the above which appears as Appendix 'A' to these Minutes in the Minute Book.


The report indicated that in order for this complaint to be drawn to a close it had been necessary to report that the subject councillor had not complied with the findings of the Standards Committee complaints process.


The Chairman reported that the process for dealing with complaints under the Member Code of Conduct was set out in the BCP Council Constitution to which all Councillors have signed up. Standards Committee has delegated authority from Council to implement this process. This report was to bring to Council’s attention that a Councillor has not complied with a decision made by the Chair of Standards in consultation, under the process. He explained that the report was before the Council for information only and not for debate.