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Corporate Peer Challenge Progress Report

Meeting: 08/03/2023 - Cabinet (Item 6.)

6. Corporate Peer Challenge Progress Report pdf icon PDF 151 KB

In November 2021 the Local Government Association (LGA) carried out a Corporate Peer Challenge of BCP Council.

The peer team was made up of eight ‘critical friends’ which included two lead members, four senior officers from other local authorities and two LGA advisors.

The Peer challenge focused on:

1.      Local priorities and outcomes

2.      Organisational and place leadership 

3.      Governance and culture

4.      Financial planning and management

5.      Capacity for improvement


and at the council’s request:

·        Transformation

·        Partnership working

·        Summer response


An action plan in response the final feedback report was approved by Cabinet in April 2022.

Members of the peer team visited the Council on 1 December 2022 to review progress since the last visit and a summary of their findings is presented in the report appended to this paper.

Additional documents:


RESOLVED that Cabinet received the Corporate Peer Challenge Progress Report and provided any comments.

Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Development, Growth, Regeneration and Transformation


A peer challenge presents opportunities for councils to receive endorsements from other local authorities about how well services are being delivered but also to learn how things could be done differently to best meet the needs of the council and the wider community.