Agenda and minutes

Council - Tuesday, 26th April, 2022 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, BCP Civic Centre, Bournemouth BH2 6DY

Contact: Karen Tompkins  Email:

Note: The meeting was adjourned and will reconvene at 6.00pm on Tuesday 10 May 2022 


No. Item



To receive any apologies for absence from Councillors.


Apologies were received from Councillors S Anderson, J Bagwell, N Brooks, N Decent, B Dunlop, D Farr, A Filer, N Geary, P Hall, A Jones, C Matthews, P Miles, S Phillips, R Rocca, L Williams and K Wilson.

Apologies were received from Councillors N Decent, J Edwards, L-J Evans, D Flagg, N Geary, M Le Poidevin and K Wilson for the reconvened meeting on 10 May 2022.



Declarations of Interests

Councillors are requested to declare any interests on items included in this agenda. Please refer to the workflow on the preceding page for guidance.

Declarations received will be reported at the meeting.


There were no declarations received for this meeting.



Confirmation of Minutes pdf icon PDF 902 KB

To confirm and sign as a correct record the minutes of the Meeting held on 22 February 2022.


The minutes of the Ordinary Council meeting held on 22 February 2022 were confirmed subject to the following:

  • Councillor May Haines being recorded as leaving the meeting at 23:44
  • Page 42/43 reference to “For 34” should read “Against 34”


Announcements and Introductions from the Chairman

To receive any announcements from the Chairman.



A – Chairman’s Community Awards

The Chair was delighted to announce the winners of the Chairman’s Community Awards which were launched this year as follows who were then presented with their winners’ certificates:

  • Contribution to the environment – Dorset Devils
  • Young citizen of the year – Issey Barnbrook
  • Contribution to wellbeing – Tony Gibbons posthumously
  • Contribution to arts and culture – Bea Sieradzka
  • Good neighbour – Diana Alcroft
  • Contribution to the community – Sister Tama Merdaci
  • Special Recognition for over 30 years of voluntary service – Louvaine Knight

The Council was informed that it was Issey’s 10th birthday and Members sang Happy Birthday to her. Unfortunately, Bea Sieradzka was not in attendance, but arrangements would be made to present her with her certificate at another time.


Councillor Hazel Allen arrived at 7.10 pm


B - Former Councillor Beryl Baxter

The Chair reported that former Bournemouth Borough Councillor Beryl Baxter had recently passed away.  She was elected to the Kinson South Ward in May 2003 and served on a number of Committees and Boards including the Planning Board.  She became Mayor in 2009/10.

The Chair relayed a personal experience of working with Beryl Baxter.

At the request of the Chair Councillors were upstanding and there was a period of respectful silence following the sad passing of former Councillor Beryl Baxter.


C – Canford Heath fire 

The Chair paid tribute to all services involved in the recent fire on Canford Heath and the opening of the Ashdown Centre to provide support to local residents


D - Civic Activities

The Chair took the opportunity to refer to some of the engagements that he had attended since the last Council meeting as detailed below.

·         the High Sheriff of Dorset, Mr Michael Dooley’s HARMONY CONFERENCE at Bournemouth University

·         the Dedication of the new High Sheriff of Dorset, Mrs Sibyl Fine King, at the Arts University Bournemouth

·         numerous meetings with various Charities in the BCP Area to endeavour to establish a BCP Chairman’s “Charities Forum”

·         the 5th BCP International Women’s Day ‘Community Impact Awards Gala Dinner and Symposium

·         opened a new Mr Simms Sweetshop in Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth

·         the Oddfellows Society Conference and made the opening address

·         the Soroptimists STEAM Challenge at Bournemouth University with the Lord Lieutenant and the Mayors of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and handed out awards

·         a tree planting ceremony in Argyll Gardens, Boscombe

·         the Judging Panel session for the BCP Chairman’s Community Awards


Public Issues

To receive any public questions, statements or petitions submitted in accordance with the Constitution, which is available to view at the following link:


The deadline for the submission of a public question is 4 clear working days before the meeting.

The deadline for the submission of a public statement is midday the working day before the meeting.

The deadline for the submission of a petition is 10 working days before the meeting



The Chair advised that a number of public issues had been submitted.

A – Public Questions

Public Question from Kate Salmon (read out by the Deputy Head of Democratic Services)

Could the portfolio holder with responsibility for children’s play areas please explain why it has taken almost a year to replace the brand-new piece of play equipment at Moordown Recreation Ground, that was vandalized a matter of weeks after it was installed in early 2021? Was the new equipment not properly insured?

Reply from Councillor Mark Anderson, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Place

I would like to thank Ms Salmon for her question.

The two ward councillors and I were extremely disappointed and concerned that a new piece of play equipment was the target of an arson attack last summer, which was subsequently reported to the Police.

Due to the determined and swift action of Ward Councillors Sarah Anderson and Beverley Dunlop, we were able to secure funding for a replacement carousel within weeks, the new equipment was delivered in October 2021.

Safety surfacing for play equipment must be installed in favourable weather and we are all delighted that the new carousel is now in place in the park, as are the many local families who have expressed their appreciation.


Public Question from Don Nutt

I was very interested to hear Cllr Dunlop mention at a previous Council meeting that she would be launching a Poole Christmas Maritime Festival this year. 

I'm wondering if Cllr Dunlop would tell us a little more about what it is envisaged will take place, please?

Reply provided by Councillor Mohan Iyengar, Portfolio Holder for Tourism and Active Health

Thank you, Mr Chairman, and many thanks to Mr Nutt for his question.

The BCP Events Team have been working on concepts for a Poole Christmas event to give Poole its own distinct Christmas offering over a 6-week Christmas period.

The Poole Christmas Maritime Light Festival will plan to use the maritime history of Poole and bring it to life in a themed Christmas lighting event.

Lighting up the gateways into Poole and creating a trail to unveil the hidden gems that lie in the streets providing the link from the Quay and Old Town through to the Dolphin Shopping Centre and Lighthouse, using eye-catching installations and immersive attractions.

As the trail reaches the quay, Poole’s unique asset will come to life in the harbour, lit to showcase the boats on the water creating business opportunities both on the ground and at sea, and bringing a festive feel to the harbour and central gateway to Poole.

We will be working with businesses to help light up the town and showcase their goods through shop windows linked to the maritime theme. There will be Christmas trees on Poole Quay and in the High Street to compliment the Dolphin Shopping Centre scheme.

Working with partners, support form Poole Bid and through sponsorship opportunities we plan to develop and deliver a unique, Christmas event to celebrate Poole’s heritage and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 151.


Recommendations from Cabinet and other Committees pdf icon PDF 515 KB

Please refer to the recommendations detailed below.

Additional documents:


Item 6a – Cabinet 9 March 2022 – Minute No 141 – LTP Capital Programme 2022-23

Councillor Mike Greene, Portfolio Holder for Transport and Sustainability presented the report on the LTP Capital Programme 2022 and outlined the recommendations as set out on the agenda. He explained that the current LTP runs from 2011 -2026 and each year the Government makes a capital allocation to assist in its funding which were in two broad sections one which was the integrated transport block and as expected an award of £3.1m has been made and the other the structural highways maintenance for which the Council has been awarded £4.8m. Councillor Greene reported that the reason these can be predicted so accurately depends on how well the Council has adhered to the Department of Transports guidelines on maintaining the network as efficiently as possible.  Councillor Greene explained that the Council continues to be in the highest band possible although this does result in little flexibility for example the order in which the Council’s roads were resurfaced and to what standard. 

Members were informed that the two blocks were subdivided into categories such as road safety and bridge maintenance, but no specific schemes or locations were included as that process was not included within this paper.  Councillor Greene reported that the Council was being asked to approve the overall allocation of the LTP and its categorisation which has already been agreed with the Department of Transport.  He explained that the Overview and Scrutiny Board had used the opportunity to look at several operational processes and specific locations, but this was not before the Council today and the issue comes to the Council due to overall monetary size.  Councillor Mellor seconded the proposal and reserved his right to speak.

Councillors in discussing the recommendations raised a number of issues including Councillor Brown asking if the Portfolio Holder could advise when Members would be informed of the detailed breakdown of schemes that would be funded and those schemes that would not receive funding.  He also asked what the process would be to inform Members as in prior years there had been more detail.  Councillor Hadley indicated that there was a tendency to roll the Local Transport Plan forward and he expressed his concern if the Council was adequately taking the opportunity to build back better and support other journeys than just the commute. He asked if there was sufficient ambition to break beyond the congestion record which was based on historic boundaries and the lack of funding priority which was not reflected in the Local Transport Plan and the wider plan.  Councillor Hadley reported that this was evident especially in how the network gridlocks whenever there were not roadworks or other incidents. He explained that a move to electric cars would improve air quality but do nothing to reduce that congestion.  He referred to investment in transforming travel which was significant and asked what LTP investments were being made in planning for the longer term and ensuring  ...  view the full minutes text for item 152.


Notices of Motion in accordance with Procedure Rule 9

The following motion submitted in accordance with Procedure Rule 9 of the Meeting Procedure Rules has been proposed by Councillor Lesley Dedman and seconded by Councillor Mike Cox:-


BCPCouncil is deeply disturbed by the unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, which has caused horrific devastation, and created an escalating humanitarian crisis with millions displaced or affected. In light of this, and as a way of expressing support for the people of Ukraine and members of our communities who are from or who have ties with Ukraine this Council;
a. Condemns the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine and stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and their families and friends, including those local to BCP.

b. Stands ready to provide support and open our arms to innocent people displaced and affected by this unprovoked Russian aggression.
c. Will work with and support the efforts of our local communities to provide help, support and comfort to those in need.


d. Will evaluate the potential use of Council owned assets, including the Christchurch and Poole civic centres, to be emergency accommodation and/or relief collection points if practicable.


e.  Will continue to fly the Ukrainian flag until the invasion ceases, acknowledging the provisions of the Council’s Flag Flying Policy.



Set out on the agenda was a motion proposed by Councillor Lesley Dedman and seconded by Councillor Mike Cox relating to support for the Ukrainians as a result of the unprovoked aggression against them.

Councillor Dedman reported that whilst she had hoped that the motion would have become redundant, war still continued.  She explained that the motion was designed not only to state the Council’s feelings at this time for the effect it has on the innocent in Ukraine but the dangers which were evident to Europe from Russia’s aggression.  Councillor Dedman explained that as well as signifying concern at the actions of the Russian Government we were determined as a Council to help practically. She emphasised that the Council was welcoming the Ukrainians who have come for help and sucker whilst acknowledging that the Officers and Portfolio Holders were working hard to help them settle in our communities. Members were advised of the proposal to make use of vacant Council buildings and the arrangements for flying the Ukrainian flag.  Councillor Dedman referred to the support that she had received from Councillor Stribley in preparing the motion.  Councillor Cox in seconding the motion reserved his right to speak.

Councillor Mellor reported that the administration fully supports the emphasis of the motion.  He explained that right at the start of the conflict BCP was one of the first Council’s to sign up to the declaration of support of Ukraine and he was proud of the work of Portfolio Holders and officers to stand up the Council’s response as quickly as possible.  Councillor Rampton in supporting the motion referred to the response that she had given to a public question on the Council’s response and work with partners to help Ukrainians. She advised Members that there were125 adults and 55 children in the BCP area through the homes for Ukraine.  In addition, there were 1444 additional households who were interested in sponsoring a Ukrainian family.  Members were advised that the Council had a welcome pack for guests which was in three different languages and had been distributed. There were also weekly operational multi-agency meetings with a strategic multi-agency meeting on a fortnightly basis from which Councillor Rampton received regular updates.  Councillor Moore reported that there was a strong connection between Canford Heath families and families from Chernobyl as they were involved in the Chernobyl lifeline project for a number of years. She explained that we all want to do something to help families from Ukraine and several Councillors have been personally involved in fundraising across Poole and more fund raising was planned.  Councillor Slade referred to the flying of the Ukrainian flag at the Civic Centre. She highlighted that the Ukrainian flag was put up in all shops in Broadstone at the start of the crisis. She referred to the concerns that she had been advised of relating to the lack of ability to find school places for Ukrainian children with families who were spending significant amounts of their own money to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 153.


Questions from Councillors

The deadline for questions to be submitted to the Monitoring Officer is 14 April 2022.


The following questions were submitted.

Councillor Le Poidevin had submitted a question on the Chairman’s Community Awards, having submitted her apologies for the meeting a response to the question would be provided in writing.


Question from Councillor Mike Cox

On the 23rd March 2021 the Council took the wise decision to stop the sale of the Car Park in Christchurch which borders Waitrose and the By-Pass to a Private Equity Company. The Councillors of Christchurch wished for this Car Park to remain in public hands.

Christchurch Town Council, with the support of Waitrose, have recently offered to purchase this car park for the same price, in order to protect and enable regeneration as part of the Town Councils Regeneration plans.

Will the Leader please ensure that this proposal is put on the forward plan and given proper consideration as soon as possible to protect the interest of Christchurch.

Reply from Councillor Drew Mellor Leader of the Council

Full Council have considered this matter recently and took the view that this is an important local asset and that will remain the position of this Council.

Councillor Cox as a supplementary question asked that if the administration did not want to sell the car park to Christchurch Town Council would they at least consider providing a long-term lease to Waitrose.  He reported that Waitrose has been trying to contact the Council and had been rebuffed. Councillor Cox asked can we please ensure that the interests of Christchurch and the preservation of that car park was undertaken as soon as possible.  In response Councillor Mellor referred to previous comments made by Councillor Cox.  He also reported that Councillor Cox had made reference to the price agreed which was a confidential matter.  Councillor Mellor indicated that he would be interested to know how the Town Council was aware of the price consideration. He reiterated that the matter had been considered by full Council and the administration wanted to stop the firesale of assets which was inherited and keep ownership of assets.      


Question from Councillor Vanessa Ricketts

I, and my Co-Councillor Margaret Phipps, have received a number of comments from members of the public in our ward regarding the behaviour of the Chairman of Planning Committee at the meeting of 8th March 2022 when considering the planning application from Eco Solutions for a waste incinerator at Hurn (8/21/0207/FUL). Despite over 700 objections received, with further represented objections from Councillors not sitting on the committee, including myself, the application was moved for approval by the Chairman. Despite the Chairman initially stating that it was an “on balance application with lots of pros and cons” he then went on to speak in favour of the applicant, and the application, and stated that the benefits outweighed the negatives. At no point did he seek a proposal from any other Member of the committee, nor give anyone an opportunity to consider making a proposal, but merely led and proposed from the Chair.

The LGA Councillor’s Workbook  ...  view the full minutes text for item 154.


Urgent Decisions taken by the Chief Executive in accordance with the Constitution

The Chief Executive to report on any decisions taken under urgency provisions in accordance with the Constitution. See detailed below:


·       Dorset CCG Section 256 Agreements Transfer



The Chief Executive, in accordance with the Constitution, advised Members of the following urgent decisions taken:

  • Dorset CCG Section 256 Agreements Transfer
  • Acceptance of the Household Support Fund
  • Acceptance of the Domestic Abuse Grant (which was currently being processed)

The Chairman confirmed that there would be a 15 minute break prior to the commencement of the Extraordinary Council meeting.