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Business Case for the Future of Care Technology within Adult Social Care

For Committee to be provided with the diagnostic review and options appraisal was carried out on the future of care technology within adult social care at BCP Council.


The Commissioning Manager – Prevention and Wellbeing presented a report, a copy of which had been circulated to each Member and a copy of which appears as Appendix 'A' to these Minutes in the Minute Book.  In addition, the Committee was provided with a PowerPoint presentation which detailed the following:


·       Care Technology (CT) and what it means - monitoring, alert and smart equipment

·       The three options appraised

·       What it could mean for people living in BCP

·       How the CT could help improve lives today, tomorrow and in the future

·       Case studies detailing how CT could help setting out the situation, solution and benefits

·       Users stories to bring CT use to life!


A diagnostic review and options appraisal was carried out on the future of care technology within adult social care at BCP Council. Officer recommendation was for a full-service transformation, providing a single care technology offer across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole at the forefront of adult social care services. This option mainstreams care technology through a sustained programme of culture change, enabling more people to access care technology and delay, reduce or prevent the need for costly, long-term care and support.


The Committee discussed the Report and comments were made, including:


·       In response to a query regarding funding streams and resources available, the Committee was advised if the preferred option got recommended by the Committee and approved at Cabinet then further work would be undertaken to source companies to provide the technology

·       It was highlighted that a lot of the technology was used by people daily and could be used to support users to increase their independence

·       It was highlighted that funding had become available for councils and health partners who wanted to drive smart technology forward and if approved the service could engage in some wider national programmes

·       In response to a query, the Committee was advised that the financial modelling included ongoing maintenance.  It was noted that additional staff would be needed to deal with the initial assessments and maintenance of the smart technology. The recycling model was highlighted that around 70-80% would come back and could be reloaned two or three times within its life cycle

·       In response to a query, the Committee was advised that the modelling and financial assessment focused on those with adult social care eligible care needs but could be offered to self funders in the future. 

·       In response to a concern regarding data protection and targeted adverts and marketing, the Committee was advised this would be a service provided by the Council working with strategic partners and would abide by the Council’s rules and policies

·       In response to a query regarding users not being connected to the internet possibly being a barrier to receiving smart technology, the Committee was advised that the Service would ensure that any equipment needed to facilitate use would be provided.  The Director – Commissioning for People advised they would check whether possible internet provision was included in the costings and let the Committee know. ACTION.

·       The Committee discussed the usages, benefits and possible disadvantages of some of the technology detailed including the ‘Canary’ and ‘Oysta’ GPS tracker and were reassured about how the items would work in practice and how the assessments and monitoring would ensure the appropriate technology was provided dependant on the users needs

·       A Committee Member expressed concern about the cost of option three in the current financial climate and in response the Committee was advised of the wider benefits of the transformation including addressing the workforce issues.

·       Both Portfolio Holders were very supportive of the transformation and the demonstrated positive impact it would have on users and carers.


RESOLVED that the Committee support the recommendation to Cabinet for the full-service transformation of care technology within adult social care to maximise benefits for both the public and the Council.

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