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Cabinet 7 September 2022 - Recommendations



Minute No 41 – BCP FuturePlaces Ltd – Appointment of Independent Chair and Non-Executive Directors (NEDs)

RECOMMENDED that Council: -

(a)        confirms the appointment of Lord Kerslake to the position of independent Chair of the BCP FuturePlaces Ltd company board, and for him to take up that position at the next FuturePlaces board meeting;

(b)        delegates the appointment of two further independent NEDs to the Chief Executive of BCP Council, as Shareholder Representative, in consultation with the new independent Chair of BCP FuturePlaces Ltd and bring details of those appointments back to council for information; and

(c)        approves the resignation of Councillor Phil Broadhead from the board upon the appointment of Lord Kerslake, and the resignation of Councillor Drew Mellor upon the above appointments having been made.

Minute No 42 – Wessex Fields Site – University Hospital Dorset Link Road

RECOMMENDED that Council: -

(a)          approve the budget increase as detailed in Confidential appendix A; and

(b)          approve this is funded from the council’s Futures Fund.


Minute No 43 – Council Newbuild Housing and Acquisition Strategy (CNHAS) – One year update

RECOMMENDED that Council approves: -

(a)            The increase to acquisition Programmes 4a’s (street acquisitions) budget previously approved by Council in February 2022 from £47.9 million to £68.8 million, subject to confirmation by the Council’s Chief Finance Officer in advance of committing sums contractually, that appropriate capital funding has been identified and approved and that the investment demonstrates robust value for money and there is certainty that the investment is an improvement on the current budget’s financial performance. 

(b)           The expansion/amendment of the types of building and housing units within them that can be purchased through Programme 4a to include - where part of regeneration and/or permitted development activity: -

                    (i)           Newbuild residential units, both as individual acquisitions      and;

                   (ii)           Block purchases of multiple units whose total costs exceed £1m but are delivered within the budgetary constraints of programme 4a and have the average individual new unit total scheme cost below £0.5m each.

(c)            Delegation to the Chief Operations Officer, in consultation with Director of Finance, Director of Housing, Monitoring Officer and Portfolio Holders for People & Homes & Development, Growth and Regeneration the approval through an Officer Decision Record process of any purchase of a Block of housing units in b)ii

(d)           Delegation to the Chief Executive to agree a process for securing an independent assessment of value for money relating to any acquisitions where Council officers or elected members have an interest. Refer 10.3 for further explanation.

(e)            BCP Council execute the Homes England Agreement entitled Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (5069) - AHP 21 - 26 Grant Agreement (LA).

(f)             Option 1 be agreed as the appropriate option for the Princess Road development as detailed in the report attached as Confidential Annex 1.

Minute No 45 – Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) Implementation

RECOMMENDED that Council: -

(a)            Subject to confirmation of an award, accepts the £8.9m Bus Service Improvement Plan funding for the period 2022/3 to 2024/5 from the Department for Transport; and

(b)         Delegates delivery of the Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) to the Service Director for Transport and Engineering in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Sustainability and Transport.






















RECOMMENDED that Council: -

(g)           approve the budget increase as detailed in Confidential appendix A; and

(h)           approve this is funded from the council’s Futures Fund.





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