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Transfer of green space assets to Christchurch Town Council

Prior to the creation of BCP Council, legacy Christchurch Borough Council (CBC) proposed that the then new Christchurch Town Council assume responsibility for several of its open space assets and play facilities, subject to agreement and formal approval by both the incoming BCP Council and Christchurch Town Council (CTC).


CTC have already become responsible for some former CBC assets on the creation of the Town Council from 1st April 2019.

Because of planned refurbishment works to play facilities, any potential transfer of these sites was delayed until the works were completed and terms agreed between BCP Council and CTC. 


In November 2022 CTC formally decided to proceed with the transfer of the following three sites:

·        Barrack Road Recreation Ground (including play and fitness areas),

·        Two Riversmeet Skate Park

·        Waterman’s Skate Park

Formal approval is now required to the agreed terms detailing the financial arrangements and responsibility for the spaces in question.



It is RECOMMENDED that Cabinet:

(a)             Considers the outcome of the Public Consultation, set out in paragraph 7 & 8 of this report and notes the requirements of the Disposal of Public Open Space Procedure in paragraph 10.

(b)            Agrees to transfer to Christchurch Town Council the freehold ownership of assets:

·                  Barrack Road Recreation Ground,

·                  Two Riversmeet Skate Park

·                  Waterman’s Skate Park

under the terms, conditions and legal arrangements set out.

It is RECOMMENDED that Council:

(c)             Agrees to transfer these assets at below the ‘market’ value, under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972 general disposal consent (England) 2003,

It is RECOMMENDED that Cabinet:

(d)            Agrees the transfer of the obligations arising from the Fields in Trust designation for Waterman’s Park Skate Park to Christchurch Town Council.

Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Council Priorities and Delivery


CTC is the Tier 3 Local Authority. It will be able to maintain and improve play and recreation matched to local needs and take local decisions based on its strategic plans. Implementation of improvements will use funding raised via its precept. Transfer of these sites will also enable CTC to implement any new proposals identified in its developing Neighbourhood Plan.

The Heads of Terms secures future use of these areas for recreation and the transfers will enable CTC to invest in improvements to these facilities.

BCP Council will provide grounds maintenance and play inspection services on a rechargeable basis. This will be for an agreed period to ensure smooth hand over of the facilities and seamless delivery of services based on the service standards previously delivered.

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