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Public Issues

To receive any public questions, statements or petitions submitted in accordance with the Constitution. Further information on the requirements for submitting these is available to view at the following link:- 

The deadline for the submission of public questions is Friday 13 December 2019.

The deadline for the submission of a statement is 12.00 noon, Thursday 19 December 2019.

The deadline for the submission of a petition is 12.00 noon, Thursday 19 December 2019.


The Leader reported that no public questions or petitions had been received on this occasion but that nine statements had been received.

Statement from Nick Greenwood, local resident:

The BCP Council notes headed ‘Cabinet’ Meeting 20th December 2019 indicate an unstoppable roll-out of 5G with an historical record of disregard for Public Consensus. Seemingly a ‘done deal’ well in advance of local population awareness on matters that may result in unwelcome adverse public effects. I request a balanced Public awareness drive and Public Notices to all BCP Constituents including but not limited to:


(1) Lansdowne Test Bed details with consideration for the Nuremberg Code.


(2) Location/details of all transmission/receiver equipment related to 5G and the Smart Place Program.


(3) Health Risk Awareness/Assessments


(4) Financial risks and Insurance difficulties.


Statement from Mike Forte, local resident:


"Do you understand the components comprising '5G' and what each allegedly offers over and above current technology?

The promised Internet of things is failing because of weak encryption keys and proving a gift for hackers.

Autonomous vehicles are ill-suited to the roads of Bournemouth except maybe to replace the Noddy Train on the promenade. 

Are you satisfied 5G technology is safe to unleash in BCP where you are the guardians of the best interests of citizens and their environment?

I strongly suggest that the only option is to apply the precautionary principle and pause the deployment of 5G in BCP."


Statement from Soo Chapman, local resident:

Relating to the Local Industrial Strategy as well as Community Engagement;

Global crop failures hit at 1.5-2 degrees

Billions die at 3 degrees.

Most humans dead at 4 degrees

Earth uninhabitable at 6 degrees.

We're heading for 1.5 degrees C by 2025

.......for 2 degrees C by 2035

.........for 4-6 degrees by  2075.

Fossil fuels must be left in the ground.  BCP council must speedily decarbonise, alert and protect its citizens. Transition Town policies will help salvage harvests and ecosystems.

Climate phobic media, politics and planning has failed us. Community can help. 

All Hands on Deck. 


Statement from Cathryn Jones

Please stop 5g now

We don't want it here!

We want to be safe 

Not to live in fear

that health will come second 

to internet speed

Will you listen to the people?

Will you take heed?

To the warnings, concerns 

that we don't know enough

That insufficient testing 

has been carried out on this stuff

BCP we urge you to listen 

Other local authorities do 

Glastonbury, Frome, Totnes, 

to name a few 

Brighton & Hove more recently too

Follow suit

Take a stand 

Demand more to be shown 

That health will come first 

on our planet called home!"


Statement from Amy Tarr

This testbed should not be deployed in Lansdowne without informed consent and full awareness and transparency that

This new technology has not been pre-market safety tested by the telecoms industry for health or environmental harm 

That a 5G antenna may be put up outside people’s homes or in close proximity 

That 5G is a Pulsed millimetre wave radiation and will be in addition to 2G-4G waves. 

There will be increased health risks for people with electromagnetic sensitivity, Children, insects and birds. 

Be aware that you will be taking on the liability as insurance companies won't insure for EMF damages. 


Statement from Emma Johnson

The ICNIRP guidelines are not fit for purpose. 

In the Call For Evidence more than 50 residents expressed health concerns about 5G.  Many submitted evidence demonstrating the ICNIRP guidelines are inadequate.

ICNIRP only considers thermal (heating) effect of EMFs and give no mention of non-thermal effects.  Harmful effects occur at very low non-thermal levels - the safe level is near zero.

They said thalidomide, cigarettes, asbestos, mercury, DDT and glyphosate were safe.

Now they say 5G is safe. 

Should we trust what they say or think for ourselves?

I appeal to you as intelligent, caring human beings to decide for yourselves - is 5G really safe?

Statement from David Merefield

In the age of despair and boredom, many thought “smart” technology would save them.  They rushed to qualify for tempting economic and lifestyle benefits promised by tech giants.  Grasping substantial investment bribes they gave the giants free access to impose wares designed to captivate the people.  They willingly silenced real health scares under the tyrannical direction of captured authorities.   Thus they continued, even as a plague manifest in widespread mental disorders and infertility.

Yet, a few perceived who had heard it all before, warned this was a trap.  They attended closely to the future of their children and graciously they were preserved.


Statement from Sue Merefield

Today’s Cabinet Agenda Document does not address the research presented through the public call for evidence detailing how the ICNIRP guidelines are flawed and set guidelines way above EMF levels proven to cause danger to living organisms, nor does it address the lack of long term studies on humans subject to 5G radiation

Whilst the money made from new technology is clearly more important to some than public health, before you vote on the Smart Place Pilot, consider that big corporations will profit from people being sick through consequences of radiation and may be silencing the true evidence.


Statement from Charles Ross Illingworth

"I am concerned that many councillors and officers regard 5G as a done deal, and that the whole O&S process has been a sham to create theatre to public confidence that all the evidence submitted has been seriously looked at.

The evidence given by council officers at O&S lacked nuance and supported the speculative benefits of a 5G rollout without considering any of the downsides. Dr Crowe chose in his testimony to completely ignore the provided expert witness evidence that seriously undermines the credibility of his advice, so lacking objectivity in his arguably conflicted role of providing impartial public health advice."

I have not been well and may not be able to attend the meeting in person. I therefore authorise and nominate Mr Nick Greenwood as my agent to read this statement out on my behalf.