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Budget and Precept for 2020/21

The Charter Trustees are required to set the budget for 2020/21 and any subsequet precept for submission to BCP Council by 31 January 2020.



The Charter Trustees considered a report on the proposed budget and precept for 2020/21, which had been circulated to each Trustee and copy of which appears as Appendix ‘A’ to these Minutes in the Minute Book.


The Charter Trustees were advised that they were required to set the budget for 2020/21 and any subsequent precept for submission to the BCP Council by 31 January 2020.


The Charter Trustees were referred to paragraph 2 of the report and the appendix attached to the report which set out the base budget for 2019/20 agreed at the last meeting on 12 November 2019, the proposed budget for 2020/21 and the projected outturn for 2019/20.  Officers explained that subject to discussions the Charter Trustees would need to agree the final budget and the precept.


Officers also referred to paragraph 5 and 6 of the report on the VAT position and explained that a response was currently awaited from the HMRC.


Reference was made to the purchase of a Past Mayor’s Badge for the outgoing Mayor and a Past Mayoress Jewel at a cost of £2,230.00 and £1,416.00 respectively. Charter Trustees referred to the cost of the badge and jewel.  The Monitoring Officer reported that this was the historic position in Bournemouth and explained that Officers sought five quotes every three years for the badge and Jewel.  Trustees were advised that it was a matter for them to determine how they wished to proceed. It was suggested that alternatives be explored that would reduce the cost. In response to a question Charter Trustees were informed that no allowances were currently paid to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.


The Charter Trustees discussed the detail of the proposed budget which included the following:


·       Remembrance Day – the costs associated with the Civic Event.  Officers reported that the Charter Trustees paid for the cost of this event.  In addition the Monitoring Officer reported that the attendance of the Chairman at a civic event would be by invitation from the Mayor. Officers also confirmed that the Christchurch civic events would be resourced by the Town Council.  The Honorary Clerk clarified that for Civic Events the Town Council and Charter Trustees would issue the invitations and would fund the event.

·       Mayor Making – the opportunity was provided to identify any specific arrangements that needed to be put in place for the forthcoming AGM at the end of May for Councillor David Kelsey who was the Mayor designate

·       Charge for photographing Regalia – Officers clarified the proposed arrangements when requests were received to photograph the Civic Regalia.

·       VAT – Officers confirmed that the proposed reserves would cover the cost if VAT was levied on the activities of the Charter Trustees.


(a) the Honorary Clerk be delegated authority in consultation with the Charter Mayor and Budget Signatories to explore alternative options for the Past Mayor’s Badge and Past Mayoress’ Jewel and agree arrangements.

(b) the draft budget for 2020-21 as set out in the appendix attached to the report and presented to the Charter Trustees be approved together with the issues raised in paragraph 2 of the report where appropriate.

(c) subject to (b) above a precept of £137,250 be submitted to BCP Council which represents £2.15 for a Band D property.

(d) the VAT position be noted and the Mayor and Budget Signatories be updated on the implications for the budget.

Voting: Unanimous

Note – in respect of (a) above the relevant meeting has been held and for this year the badge and jewel as previously proposed purchased.


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