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Development of Risk Register

The Charter Trustees are asked to consider and comment on the draft risk register.


The Charter Trustees considered a draft risk register, which had been circulated to each Trustee and a copy of which appears as Appendix ‘B’ to these Minutes in the Minute Book.


The Deputy Head of Democratic Service presented the draft risk register which required further work and reported on options for its development.  She explained that the register was an initial draft that provided an opportunity for the Charter Trustees to consider and take ownership for the risks that may be facing them.  She suggested that one option was to ask the Budget Signatories together with a small group of Trustees to look into the development of the register in more detail and present a draft final document to a future meeting of the Charter Trustees for approval.


A Charter Trustee made an observation relating to the dates in the draft risk register in light of what was intended for the future use of the Poole Civic Centre.  He highlighted the need for the dates to link with proposals for the Poole Civic Centre. The Charter Trustee indicated that the dates at the end of the year did not give him confidence that actions were being done on time and he requested that the suggested working group meets quickly highlighting that all of these dates and the management of the risks needed to be in cinque with the proposals for Poole Civic Centre.


Councillor Butler referred to the risk relating to assets, risk 3 and risk 4 and in particular who was identified as the risk owners. She highlighted risk 4 relating to Covid 19 and suggested that the wording should be altered to read - “failure to reduce likelihood of covid-19 infection……”


Councillor Judes Butt sought clarification on the membership of the proposed group.  She explained that her main concern was on the future use of the Poole Civic Centre by the Mayoralty. The Honorary Clerk reported that the Council had made a commitment to move into Bournemouth but that this does not mean that the Poole Civic Centre would be shutting by the end of the calendar year.  He explained that Officers would be liaising with Members when a programme for doing so was available and the Charter Trustees can continue to operate from the Civic Centre for the time being.


A Charter Trustee suggested that in reviewing the insurance arrangements it was necessary to ensure that appropriate liability insurance was available and that this should be added to risk 3 in respect of any liability arising.  A Councillor indicated that as far as he was aware the Trustees were ultimately responsible and appropriate insurance should be provided.


The Mayor requested that an email be sent out to all Charter Trustees asking for expressions of interest to serve on the proposed working group.


A Charter Trustee sought confirmation that the Poole Civic Centre would not be sold in the foreseeable future with regards to the historic value, he suggested that the museum could move to Poole Civic Centre to provide appropriate access for the disabled.  The Honorary Clerk reported that the disposal of assets would be a councillor decision and all options would be explored prior to bringing forward via Cabinet to full Council for decision as appropriate.  The Mayor reported that the building was not in the ownership of the Charter Trustees.  A Charter Trustee asked that consideration should be given to what aspects of the Civic Centre were retained and the needs of the Mayoralty. Councillor Iyengar indicated that this issue now has some urgency in order to progress the discussion on the heritage and legacy that was retained.


RESOLVED that that the draft risk register be accepted in its current form, and a working group be set up including the budget signatories to develop the risk register for approval by the Charter Trustees and that this work commence before the end of September.


Voting - Agreed  


Councillors Daniel Butt, Judes Butt, Diana Butler, Karen Rampton and Tony Trent abstained from the above decision.


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