Agenda item

Charter Mayor's Report

The Charter Mayor will report on her recent activities.



The Mayor reported on her activities since the last meeting of the Charter Trustees meeting on 26 August 2020 and made the following statement.


“I'm pleased to be able to report that as a result of the application I signed at a previous meeting we have received  confirmation of the Royal Warrant granting the transfer of the Poole Coat of Arms to the Charter Trustees, meaning we can use it in any lawful way we deem appropriate.


I also want to share with you the card sent to me by the Lord Lieutenant, thanking the people of Dorset for their contributions during this pandemic.


At the end of my report in August I mentioned that I had been invited to Poole Hospital to plant a tree to remember all those affected by Covid.  The tree chosen was an apple tree with fruit already on it in early September. It was chosen so that the Spring blossom and fruit would be a sign of hope and encouragement. The tree is in the garden by the roundabout at the bottom of Churchfield Road and is clearly visible from the road.


Other duties have been limited in number and scope: 2 welcomes to new clergy in Poole: one by Zoom to the new Deacon at the Spire and one in writing to welcome the new incumbent at St. Peter's in Lower Parkstone.


That changed this weekend when on Saturday morning I had a date in Poole Park with a pink rabbit: actually, a member of the Lions who was doing a sponsored cycle ride to Shaftesbury in aid of Breast Cancer- hence the pink costume.


If you've been to Canford Heath, this week you'll have seen the poppies fixed to lamp posts on the main roads. Volunteers from ARCH made them all and they have been sponsored by local businesses and families in memory of specific individuals or as a tribute to all who have served in the forces. They have raised several hundred pounds for the British Legion. On Monday I was privileged to be given a conducted tour of other of ARCH's activities by Councillor Sandra Moore and members of the association. These included a group who tend the gardens in Adastral Square and outside the Library and the person who devised and set up a Pilot trail based on those who gave their names to roads on the Heath.


Yesterday evening I attended (virtually) the AGM of the Poole-Cherbourg Twinning Association. For the last year I have been trying to clarify the position of Charter Trustees in relation to Twinning.  I was originally told that it was a BCP function: as you imagine I was not satisfied with that and did some googling. I found that other Charter Trustees (eg Bath) are responsible for their twinning groups. When I raised the issue, officers told me they had done the same research. It turns out the information from Civil servants was wrong: any new twinning will be under BCP Council, but the existing ones stay with the towns that set them up.  The Twinning Association are very keen to be linked with us and to give us an annual report on activities, so I will be taking that forward with their Chair Councillor Mohan Iyengar.


Remembrance this year will be very much scaled back.  There will be a limited wreath-laying ceremony at the War Memorial in Poole Park at some point on the 8 November. However, the suggestion is that we remember while on our doorsteps, so on 11 November I will probably be on the 'official' doorstep at Poole Civic Centre at 11am.  While I can't invite you to join me in person, I hope you will join me in spirit on your own doorsteps.”