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Senior Management Appointments

This report invites the Council to approve the structure for Tier 2 posts for BCP Council, and to approve new appointments to Chief Officer posts in accordance with the Council’s Constitution and statutory requirements.


The Leader of the Council presented a report, which invited the Council to approve the structure for Tier 2 posts and to approve new appointments to Chief Officers posts in accordance with the Council’s Constitution and statutory requirements, a copy of which had been circulated to each Member and a copy of which appears a Appendix ‘A’ to these Minutes in the Minute Book.


The Leader of the Council moved the recommendations set out in the report and in doing so outlined the proposed changes in the management structure following two Corporate Directors Bill Cotton and Jan Thurgood leaving the authority.  He reported on the recruitment process and successful appointments to the new roles.  Members were informed that the recruitment process included panel interviews with cross-party membership and each panel was unanimous in support for the candidates appointed.  


The Leader of the Council took the opportunity to thank Jan Thurgood, Corporate Director Adult Social Care who was due to retire from the Council at the end of June 2021 for her service to the Council.  He reported that she was a wonderful servant to Local Government through a very distinguished career very much focussed on the most vulnerable people children and adults in our society.  The Leader of the Council explained that she delivered a safe landing as the legacy Councils transitioned into BCP Council and was committed to spending those extra years of her career to make sure that she left that safe landing for the service. She provided impeccable service to BCP Council and the Borough of Poole and provided wise counsel and calm leadership and would be missed.  The Leader of the Council placed on record his personal thanks to Jan and on behalf of  the Council thanked her for her service and commitment.


Councillor Broadhead seconded the recommendations and in doing so highlighted other appointments as detailed in the report which compliments a different management team leading the Council going forward.


Councillor Dedman, echoed the words of the Leader in his praise for the service provided by Jan Thurgood.  She referred to paragraph 5 of the report which indicated that we must reduce costs where we can.  Councillor Dedman highlighted that reducing costs must not mean any reduction in services to vulnerable residents.  She supported the centre of excellence that the Council had been working towards since the start of BCP and to continue to expand work with all the Council’s partners. She emphasised that any cost reduction or staff reorganisation must not reduce any services to vulnerable residents.


Councillor Mellor in summing up explained that the proposal was about efficiency of cost which has to be the Council’s aspiration but the ambition for outcomes can supersede that.  He also commented on the level of investment in adult social care by the administration which had included an extra £13.5m in the last budget together with other service investments.


RESOLVED that in accordance with Section 5 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 the Council confirms the appointment of the following individuals into post;

·       Chief Operations Officer – Kate Ryan

·       Director of Adult Social Services – David Vitty

·       Director for Commissioning – Phil Hornsby


Voting: Unanimous



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