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Children's Social Care Improvement Journey – progress update

Members received an overview report of progress at theirmeeting on 8 June and requested further updates in order to satisfy themselves that progress was being maintained.


The DfE Improvement Advisor for BCP and Interim Corporate Director, Children’s Services presented a report, a copy of which had been circulated to each Member and a copy of which appears as Appendix 'B' to these Minutes in the Minute Book.


The Committee received an overview report of progress at its meeting on 8 June 2021 and requested further updates in order to be satisfied that was progress being maintained.


The Committee discussed the report and comments were made, including:


  • In response to a query regarding fixed term exclusions, the Committee was advised that the figures being discussed had been disrupted by Covid and need to be viewed against the increase in elective home education which meant the figures were disproportionate at this time
  • The Chair was pleased regarding the enquiry into inclusion and investigating the increase in home schooling and the reasons for that.  The Committee was reassured that all children and families who had opted for home schooling were being supported and visited by an experienced officer.
  • A Committee Member acknowledged and appreciated the amount of improvement work that had been undertaken to date, and the Committee was involved that the teams had made a lot of progress with commitment and satisfaction.  The service as a whole still had work to do to boost staff morale due to a number of aspects including the wider organisation due to many different factors
  • In response to a query regarding Mosaic IT system, the Committee was advised that the integration was being progressed at pace as part of the transformation programme.
  • The teams are generally happy places with commitment and satisfaction. Issues come with service as whole. LGR – staff still waiting for permanent structure. Aspects of wider organisation which causes concerns for some staff. Need to resolve corporate culture. Think moral could be an issue across other newly formed Councils – focus over next 6.12 months.
  • In response to a query regarding children at risk of sexual exploitation and the Committee was advised that the service was now better at identifying profiles which had led to an increase in reported figures
  • In response to a query between agency and vacancy gaps and rates, the Committee was advised that the role would be advertised on receipt of notice from an employee. 
  • Clarification was provided around Mosaic was showing cases unallocated, there was a gap between someone leaving and being reallocated
  • Workforce stability and a link with house prices and job salaries. Housing stock and market is not a significant issue, more work life balance and professional development.
  • In response to a query why staff would choose to remain as agency, the Committee was advised that some prefer it because they can earn more and leave quickly, some are converted to permanent employees and some are agency because there work is not the greatest quality.


The Chair summarised the discussions as follows:


  • Unprecedented demand and Multi agency issues highlighted
  • Fixed term and home schooling
  • Improving Children’s Social Care and Mosaic IT system
  • Staffing issues and Culture of BCP
  • Vacancies and stability of staff
  • Children at risk of CSE.


RECOMMENDED that the Committee noted and scrutinised the report and that any points and suggestions be built into the next stage of the Children’s Social Care improvement journey.

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