Agenda item

Climate Change Enquiry Round Up

To consider any actions, opportunities, next steps or recommendation following the Climate Change Enquiry Session held at the January meeting of the O&S Board.


Board members are asked to consider any actions or recommendations which they would like to propose and to submit these by email to the democratic services officer in advance of the meeting. Only those issues submitted will be discussed at the meeting.


Please refer to the minutes attached to this agenda for the details of the previous meeting. The recording of the enquiry session can be accessed at the following link:






The Chairman explained that the purpose of this item was to consider any actions, opportunities, next steps or recommendations following the Climate Change Enquiry Session held at the Board’s last meeting on 5 January 2022.


As he had not received any recommendations from Board members in advance of the meeting, the Chairman had circulated a draft set of recommendations by email and had amended these to incorporate suggested amendments and additions.


The Board proceeded to debate the draft recommendations and clarified those it wished to consider as part of this item. The following draft recommendations were set aside to be discussed at a later date:


·       That energy management, sustainable energy generation and ecology/biodiversity become a serious inclusion in the development of the Local Plan.

·        That in the absence of safe, reliable, cost-effective alternatives to the car, and acknowledging that many residents will continue to have personal transport, that the Council reconsiders the Parking Supplementary Planning Document and its current detrimental effects on local streets and the potential effect it may have on a decline in the value of housing stocks and the local economy.


Resolved to recommend that the Cabinet notes the Overview and Scrutiny Board’s:


a.     appreciation and acknowledgement of the work carried out by officers for the period of the Annual Report particularly with regard to the reduction in Co2.

b.     recognition that the Climate Team is not yet fully staffed, and that the resources available to date have limited the development of some aspects of the Climate Emergency Strategy, Plans and tasks.

c.     welcome of the additional investment to expand the Climate Emergency Team, and in particular, the appointment of a Head of Climate.

d.     recognition and understanding that it will take some time for the new Climate Team to be recruited and for it to become fully effective.

e.     expectation that a BCP Climate Emergency Strategic Policy and Risk Assessment will be developed, from which an Implementation Plan is produced, that clearly details how the strategic policy is to be achieved. The plan should provide SMART objectives, and  describe the organisation and organisational responsibilities for achieving these. The Strategy, Risk Assessment and the Implementation Plan should cover both the 2030 Council Targets and the 2050 National Targets, and should apply to aspects that are directly under the Control of the Council, and those within the greater BCP area where the Council can lead,  facilitate, and promote the Climate Emergency, through its relationships with organisations, businesses, industry, other partnerships and local residents. It is also requested that the Head of  Climate start a programme of member seminars and climate literacy training for all staff.

f.       expectation that Climate actions are supported with local data where possible to ensure actions are not skewed by the use of misleading national data. Data should include an assessment of emissions of Council employees working from home and this should be included within the Council’s emissions footprint.

g.     expectation that the existing Climate Action Plan i.e. the task list, is further developed to include all requirements of the Implementation Plan.

h.     intention to further consider the Council’s progress towards meeting its Climate Emergency aims at a meeting in September 2022.