Committee attendance


COVID-19 Impact on Attendance Records


Following the national public health guidance in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, and in particular the recommendations to reduce social contact and the requirement to self-isolate should individuals have underlying health issues or develop symptoms, a number of councillors will be unable to attend meetings of the council during this period.

Attendance records and statistics for meetings from 16 March 2020 will, as a consequence, be impacted adversely and should not be considered as a reflection of the councillors individual performance. Councillors will continue to be available to deal with ward related matters by telephone or email.


Cabinet, 6 meetings
Member Attendances
Councillor Paul Hilliard 0
Councillor Andy Jones 1
Councillor Jane Kelly 5
Councillor Mike Greene 3
Councillor Laurence Fear 0
Councillor Bobbie Dove 3
Councillor Lawrence Williams 0
Councillor Beverley Dunlop 2
Councillor Mark Anderson 4
Councillor Philip Broadhead 4
Councillor Nicola Greene 2
Councillor Judy Butt 0
Councillor Sean Gabriel 0
Councillor Andy Hadley 0
Councillor Drew Mellor 4
Councillor Karen Rampton 4
Councillor Mike White 4
Councillor Hazel Allen 0
Councillor Steve Baron 0
Councillor L-J Evans 1
Councillor Nigel Brooks 0
Councillor Richard Burton 0
Councillor Diana Butler 0
Councillor Toby Johnson 4