Committee attendance


COVID-19 Impact on Attendance Records


Following the national public health guidance in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, and in particular the recommendations to reduce social contact and the requirement to self-isolate should individuals have underlying health issues or develop symptoms, a number of councillors will be unable to attend meetings of the council during this period.

Attendance records and statistics for meetings from 16 March 2020 will, as a consequence, be impacted adversely and should not be considered as a reflection of the councillors individual performance. Councillors will continue to be available to deal with ward related matters by telephone or email.


Health and Adult Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee, 3 meetings
Member Attendances
Councillor Lesley Dedman 0
Councillor Andy Jones 2
Councillor Cheryl Johnson 3
Councillor Jackie Edwards 3
Councillor Derek Borthwick 1
Councillor Kieron Wilson 0
Councillor Nigel Hedges 1
Councillor Susan Phillips 3
Councillor Sean Gabriel 1
Councillor Sandra Moore 1
Councillor Ann Stribley 0
Councillor Duane Farr 1
Councillor L-J Evans 2
Councillor Chris Matthews 2
Councillor Roberto Rocca 0
Councillor Bryan Dion 0
Councillor Diana Butler 3
Councillor Mark Robson 1