Issue - decisions

Annual review of housing wholly owned companies

25/06/2021 - Annual review of housing wholly owned companies

RESOLVED that: -

(a)           the plans to further grow the two Seascape Group subsidiaries be supported;

(b)           the appointment of Hixsons Limited as the external auditor for BBML, Seascape Group Limited (SGL) and MD Care to audit the 2020/21 company accounts be approved; and

(c)           the appointment of Paul Whittles, Finance Manager as temporary Director of Finance for Seascape Group Limited be approved.

Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Homes


The Seascape Group subsidiaries – SSL and SHP – provide valuable services and will generate additional income to BCP Council as the sole shareholder to help continue delivering Council services to the vulnerable people.

It is a requirement of the Shareholders Agreement for both BBML and SGL that authority is sought from the Council as sole shareholder for the appointment of the external auditor and for the appointment of Directors.