Issue - decisions

Council Highway Inspection Policy

31/07/2021 - Council Highway Inspection Policy

RESOLVED that: -

(a)           the proposed Highway Inspection Policy as set out in Appendix 1 aligned to the Code of Practice ‘Well managed Highway Infrastructure’ be approved; and

(b)           the Director of Environment in consultation with the Director of Finance and Portfolio Holder for Environment be delegated to make operational adjustments to the Policy because of Code of Practice amendments and/or risks identified with the Councils insurers.

Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Environment, Cleansing and Waste


To provide and consolidate a unified approach to Highway Inspections across the BCP Council geographical area in accordance with the published Code of Practice.

The Highway Inspection Policy is a live document that will be monitored on a continual basis. Refining our approach and revising the document is inevitable and by delegating authority to the Service Director for Environment in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Environment will enable necessary changes to be made swiftly.