Issue - decisions

Financial Outturn Report 2020/21

25/06/2021 - Financial Outturn Report 2020/21

RESOLVED that Cabinet: -

(a)           noted the year-end financial outturn positions achieved including revenue, capital, reserves and for the HRA;

(b)           accepted the 2021/22 awards from Public Health England for the drug & alcohol homeless grant of £0.688 million and the criminal justice system grant of £0.414 million and delegates authority to the directors of adult social care and housing to implement the programmes of revenue expenditure as set out in paragraphs 92 to 101; and

(c)           agreed the capital virement in paragraph 153.

RECOMMENDED that Council: -

(a)           agree the transfer of the £5.1 million surplus for the year to the MTFP mitigation reserve;

(b)           agree that the contain outbreak management fund (COMF) allocation for 2021/22 of £2.533 million is retained in a contingency to manage any outbreaks that may occur later in the year, as recommended by the director of public health as set out in paragraph83; and

(c)           agree the capital virements in paragraph 154.

Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Leader of the Council


To comply with accounting codes of practice and best practice which requires councils to report their end of year financial position compared with the budget of the authority.

To comply with the council’s financial regulations regarding budget virements and the acceptance of new grants.