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Bus Operator Enhanced Partnership (National Bus Strategy)

03/09/2021 - Bus Operator Enhanced Partnership (National Bus Strategy)

RESOLVED that: - 

(a)          Cabinet supports the formation of an Enhanced Partnership with the bus operators as a replacement to the existing voluntary Quality Bus Partnership.

(b)         Cabinet delegates authority to the Service Director for Transport and Engineering in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Transport and Sustainability to negotiate, seek stakeholder views and then publish a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) on behalf of the Council by the end of October 2021 in line with the requirements of the National Bus Strategy for England.

Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Transport and Sustainability


The recently published National Bus Strategy for England sets out an ambition for every local transport authority and bus operator in England to be in a statutory Enhanced Partnership or a franchising arrangement (entering into an EP does not preclude franchising in the future, however, achieving franchising is lengthy and complex with significant financial risk).

Improving bus services to attract more passengers is a joint aim of the bus operators and the Local Transport Authority (LTA).

An Enhanced Partnership will build on the good work undertaken through the voluntary Quality Bus Partnership over the last two decades.

Not entering into an Enhanced Partnership will result in a significant financial funding loss for the council and for the bus operators.