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High Streets and District Centres Strategy

01/10/2021 - High Streets and District Centres Strategy

RESOLVED that Cabinet: -

(a)       Support and adopt the High Streets and District Centres Strategy as a?framework for?the future of the?high streets and district centres in the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole area (BCP area);

(b)       Recognise that delivery of the Strategy using Action Plans is an evolving process;  

(c)       Understand that the Strategy could be subject to further consultation;

(d)       Enable the Strategy to be made into a visually appealing document for publication;  

(e)       Delegate responsibility to the Director, Economic Development to analyse the ‘Reimagining Your High Streets’ Engagement HQ report and, if required, commission activities to create Action Plans for high streets and district centres in the BCP area; and

(f)        Authorise the Director, Economic Development to apportion £100,000 to undertake these initial Action Plans and fund appropriate projects, in accordance with the Officer Decision Record for Additional Restrictions Grants (ARG4) dated July 2021, and identified in part 2 (c) of Stream 4 – ‘Funding partners to provide Town & District Centre Support (£275k)’

Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Regeneration, Economy and Strategic Planning


The Strategy will help deliver the Council’s strategic aims and objectives including the Dynamic Places, Connected Communities and Sustainable Environment objectives in the Corporate Strategy. It is therefore recommended that BCP Council supports the High Streets and District Centres Strategy.