Issue - decisions

Coastal Business Improvement District (BID) Renewal Ballot

14/01/2022 - Coastal Business Improvement District (BID)

RESOLVED that Cabinet agree BCP Council’s support of the Coastal Business Improvement District (BID); and agree:

i)       To endorse the BID proposal that will be submitted to BCP Council by the BID;

ii)      To authorise the Director of Economic Development to complete the ballot papers on behalf of the Council in favour of the BID proposal; and

iii)    To authorise the Head of Legal Services to complete any necessary legal agreements required for the operation of the BID Levy, Ballot and service arrangements and any other necessary matters for the proposed BID in consultation with the appropriate officers.   

Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Development, Growth and Regeneration


BCP Council is fully supportive of BIDs and the significant benefits and investment that they bring. The Coastal BID proposal will help deliver the Council’s strategic aims and objectives including the Dynamic Places objectives in the Corporate Plan. It has a strong track record of supporting businesses along the seafront and in its Trading Districts and supporting innovative new projects. It is therefore recommended that BCP Council supports the Coastal BID for its third 5-year term.