Issue - decisions

Development of the Throop Nature Park (Hicks SANG)

10/03/2022 - Development of the Throop Nature Park (Hicks SANG)

RESOLVED that Cabinet approve the utilisation of: -

      (i)       £518,000 of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) heathland mitigation resources for the implementation of the project, and

    (ii)        an additional £100,000 of CIL resources for those elements of the implementation which can’t be funded using heathland mitigation funds; and

   (iii)       Circa £100K of CIL Heathlands Mitigation resources per year (rising with inflation) for 80 years.

Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Environment and Place


This development will reduce the environmental impact of leisure on internationally sensitive heathland ecosystems; provide additional attractive leisure space for BCP residents and visitors; increase biodiversity and bio-resilience in the Throop area; and enable the commencement and occupation of large-scale residential schemes of 50 units and over in Bournemouth, as part of the Big Plan.