Issue - decisions

Biodiversity Net Gain Task Force Recommendations

27/07/2022 - Biodiversity Net Gain Task Force Recommendations

RESOLVED that Cabinet: -

(a)      Endorse the Biodiversity Net Gain Guidance Note to enable the early implementation of BNG on applicable development and delegate its publication to the Director of Planning;

(b)       Request the Planning and Environment Directorates to work jointly to prepare a Biodiversity Net Gain Strategy and an Implementation Plan;

(c)       Support a review of the Council’s estate to understand what biodiversity exists and what opportunities there are to enhance biodiversity; and

(d)       Roll forward to 2023/24 any remaining monies of the £90,000 earmarked for this project unspent in 2022/23.

Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Development, Growth and Regeneration


To enable the Council to be at the forefront of Biodiversity Net Gain delivery and meet the statutory obligations arising from the Environment Act and to have in place relevant policies and procedures.