Issue - decisions

Our Cultural Plan (Working Title)

10/03/2023 - Culture Strategy

RESOLVED that: -

(a)            Cabinet approves the adoption of the Cultural Strategy

(b)           Delegates approval to the relevant Director for the Cultural Service to lead the further collaboration, development and implementation of a detailed delivery plan with the Cultural Compact

(c)            Approve transfer of hosting the Cultural Compact from BCP Council to Arts University Bournemouth (AUB)

(d)           Agree transfer of £35k identified reserve and £14.8k Arts Council funding to AUB to support delivery of the Cultural Compact

Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Tourism, Culture and Vibrant Places


To support the BIG plan objectiveto deliver on the recommendations of the 2019 Cultural Enquiry, working alongside the Cultural Compact to develop a Cultural Strategy and Delivery Plan.

And meet the Corporate Strategy objective: Connected Communities: Strengthen the cultural identity of our towns and places: support the newly formed Cultural Compact to build on the findings of the Cultural Enquiry to develop a Cultural Strategy that supports community arts and culture.