Issue - decisions

Provision of Beach Huts

15/12/2022 - Provision of Beach Huts

RESOLVED that Cabinet: -

(a)            Agreed to allow all BCP residents to join the waiting lists for standard huts/sites;

(b)            Agreed the 5-year beach hut pricing strategy set out in Appendix 1a to increase income and harmonise rental and transfer fees;

(c)            Agreed to widen use of long-lease arrangements to generate additional capital and support future development schemes;

(d)            Agreed to the financial plan in Appendix 1c to invest additional income from rental fees, transfers and long-leases to improve service standards and enable further capital investment in seafront assets;

(e)            Noted that the implications of the recommendations above will be included in the Council’s Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) 2023/24 report, due to be considered in February 2023 by the Cabinet and Council; and

(f)              Delegated authority to the Chief Operations Officer, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Environment & Place, to:

                      (i)        finalise operational changes and harmonise terms & conditions across Beach Hut: licence hire agreements; handbooks; & waiting lists.

                     (ii)        make further changes to the pricing structure and eligibility criteria in response to market demand.


Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Environment and Place




1.     Market demand for beach huts is strong however further improvements are possible by widening eligibility and enabling more people to access the service.

2.     Beach Huts are a ‘non-statutory’ discretionary commercial service.

3.     The pricing strategy supports corporate commitments to harmonise the different approaches of the preceding Councils and offers a more equitable system.

4.     Support the Council’s MTFP position and delivery of the Big Plan and Seafront Strategy using a more commercial approach.

5.     Increase service quality by enhancing maintenance to ensure longevity of existing assets, improve the seafront and the overall service to licence holders and local residents.