Issue - decisions

Grass Cutting, Wildflower & Habitat Management Policy

20/03/2020 - Grass Cutting, Wildflower &  Grassland Habitat Management Policy


(a)           the development of a long-term BCP Council policy on grass management, taking into account financial and environmental impacts and public expectations be endorsed;

(b)           Cabinet supported recommendations in order to ensure that grass management practices are sustainable and contribute to the Council’s declaration to become carbon neutral by 2030;

(c)           Cabinet supported trials to determine best practice and feasibility of grass management methods;  and

(d)           the implementation of procedures that have the potential to increase biodiversity and carbon capture was endorsed.

Voting: Unanimous

Portfolio Holder: Environment and Climate Change


To recommend a range of procedural and operational changes throughout BCP Council’s open spaces that have the potential to reduce our Carbon footprint, increase carbon capture and increase biodiversity, by promoting changes in grass cutting, wildflower meadow development and grassland habitat management. This being in line with the Council Climate Change and Ecological Emergency Action Plan.