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To Improve Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety and Inhibit Excessive Vehicle Speeds In the Branksome Park and Canford Cliffs Area

We the undersigned petition the council to fulfil their statutory duty, in accordance with The Highways Act 1980 section 130. And in fulfilling that duty to: 1. Install Pedestrian Crossing Points where footpaths transverse the roads 2. Implement a programme of measures to Inhibit Excessive Vehicle Speeds 3. Improve and expand Cycle Routes with better road markings/different coloured tarmac/Signage 4. Improve Footpath Signage (including where cycling is not permitted)

Refer via the link below to a map of Highway Hazard Areas identified by Members of the Public and local community as being of particular concern, where lives have been endangered and/or people say they frequently feel unsafe.


This ePetition ran from 30/09/2019 to 05/01/2020 and has now finished.

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