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Renovation of Westbourne Playground

We the undersigned petition the council to renovate and improve Playground at Westbourne Close by making it attractive and safe for younger children. That should include 1) Renovating the current equipped play area. 2) Undertaking works to improve informal supervision and promote feelings of security and well-being among users 3) Updating current signage 4) Renovating existing benches 5) Adding more bins 6) Carrying out tree and shrub works

Our children need to have a place where they can experience nature and play outdoors. Playground at Westbourne close has always offered a good variety of play opportunities, but it is mainly for children over 5 years old. Moreover, the traditional equipment within the fenced area was showing distinct signs of wear-and-tear.
Also extending the playground area to the bridge and tidying up trees will make it less attractive to marginal groups

This ePetition ran from 15/11/2019 to 25/01/2020 and has now finished.

12 people signed this ePetition.