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Petition to BCP Council Regarding proposed cycle Route and Amendments to Road Layout Barrack Road and adjacent side roads in Christchurch

We are petitioning to stop the new cycle lane proposal along Barrack Road Christchurch for safety reasons and to stop the removal of much needed parking for Residents and Businesses.

We ask that the current proposal is not passed by council in it's present form as it is dangerous and also does not take into account the needs of local residents and businesses. It does not take account of

1. The safe passage of emergency vehicles along Barrack Road without forcing vehicles into the cycle track.
2. The safe crossing of the cycle track by pedestrians and vehicles
3. There is no available space in Somerset Road, Corbar Road or Burnett Avenue for relocation of existing on street parking from Barrack Road.
4. No provision for safe deliveries to existing businesses.
5. The removal of parking from Barrack Road and the subsequent reduction in overall parking availability will destroy the local businesses, no parking, no customers.

In addition to the above the public consultation has been sadly lacking with no direct engagement of those most affected, the then Covid-19 restrictions are no excuse for poor communication or consultation. It is unlikely that this would stand up to scrutiny.

The latest Government statistics we have been able to access for average daily traffic show 23,818 motor vehicles for this section of Barrack Road.

We ask that alternative routes be considered or at the very least reasonable adjustments are made to the existing proposal to address the concerns detailed above.

On reaching 50 signatures the relevant Cabinet Member will respond to the petition.

This Paper petition ran from 04/06/2021 to 30/08/2021 and has now finished.

477 people signed this Paper petition.

Council response

Although almost 700 signatures were submitted over 200 did not provide sufficient information to validate that they reside, work or study within the BCP Council area. However, the threshold for required action remains unchanged and the petition has been referred to the Portfolio Holder for Transport and Sustainability to provide a response. 03/09/2021