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Bournemouth Indoor Bowls

We the undersigned petition the council to defer the notice to cease indoor bowls from 1 April 2023 at Bournemouth Indoor Bowls Centre and allow indoor bowls to continue in the meantime whilst undertaking a review of the centre.

We wish to object to the decision to pause the indoor bowls operation for 12 months from 1 April 2023 at Bournemouth Indoor Bowls Centre.

The club was opened in 1995 with the specific purpose of housing indoor bowls. This is an important community asset that provides an opportunity for many to maintain their health and wellbeing. Apart from providing an opportunity to participate in sport, it also allows older members of the community to engage in exercise and enjoy social interaction with others.

On reaching 20 signatures the relevant officer will investigate and respond to the matter

This ePetition ran from 28/11/2022 to 31/01/2023 and has now finished.

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